Monday, April 26, 2010

7 Month Update (a LOT late!)

My 7 month update is coming just shy of her 8 month birthday. Yes, I'm a terrible monthly updater, but at least I get it done at some point. Better late than never, right? Right? Well, whatever. :)

Sweet girl,

Oh how you're changing! You are such a doll! You charm everyone you meet instantly. I can't tell you how many times I've had someone walk up to me in a restaurant or store to tell me how beautiful and happy you are. It never gets old to hear that!

You gnaw on everything in sight and just today your one little tooth started poking through. I've been watching for it! I'm going to miss that gummy, toothless smile! You love to eat, but you are not a fan of trying new things. You often let the food sit on your tongue while you repeatedly gag until someone takes it out of your mouth! (Drama queen, much? You must've gotten that from your Daddy! HA!) Your Daddy and I just sit there and laugh at your face when you get a new food. You do love all things cold, though. Jell-O, yogurt, juice, water...all of it! But the minute we try to give you a puff or yogurt melt - you look at us like we've betrayed you in some horrible way. You'll eat solid foods when you're ready!

One of my favorite things that you do is search for my hand while we're rocking. You'll pull your arm out of socket to find my hand! (Only kidding!) You'll have your eyes totally closed but you reach around until you find my fingers. Once you find them, you just rub them until you fall asleep. I LOVE it. You're such a sweet girl. You've started reaching for people and I know everyone loves it when you reach for them. I know I love it when you reach for me!

You crawl everywhere! You have no problem getting where you want to go. I actually enjoy you being mobile! You can get the things that you want so easily...which means less screaming! Ha! You're beginning to pull up on things. You can get up on your knees instantly, but pulling up to your legs takes a lot more work. You'll be walking soon! My little girl is getting so big!

You're finally getting some hair. It's going to be the color of mine, I believe. We get such mixed reviews on who you look like. For a while we thought it was a given that you looked just like me...but we hear more and more how many people think you look like your Daddy. I guess we'll see!

We love you with all of our hearts. You're my joy. I can't imagine doing anything other than staying at home with you. Even on the toughest days it's still a blessing. Love you so much, baby girl.


Not wanting to sit still for the pictures!

The best picture we could get from way back!

Always chewing on your bottom lip!

Happy girl!

Our attempts at taking pictures. HA!

Too busy to even look at Mommy!

"Here I come, Mom!"


That picture session didn't last long either!

Such a busy girl!

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  1. Awww. She IS growing up fast. So her tooth finally popped through?! That should make her feel better! You got some cute pictures here! Now...get started on the 8 month post--pronto.