Friday, April 9, 2010

DIY Syndrome

Does anyone else get the DIY syndrome from looking at DIY blogs? I went shopping with my friend Laura today and every time I saw something that I thought was cute...I immediately went into DIY mode. All the different DIY blogs that I've recently gotten into have sparked this little flame inside of me and I want to make things all the time. I want to sew, embroider, applique, build furniture, make jewelry organizers, and put 500 coats of paint on old worn out, trash-to-treasure items. It's exhausting.

I have a huge list forming in my head of furniture that I want to build. I already had that itch. Then tonight I found a blog called Knock Off Wood and I know I'm going to have to scratch it. I want to build side tables for our living room. Then maybe a bookcase or two. Then I need a desk for my sunroom where my sewing machine and computer will be. The cool thing about her can tweak them however you want to make it your own personal piece of furniture! People build their own BEDS on here, y'all. When it's time to move Caroline into a toddler bed, I'm thinking we'll try building it. Judd and I built my craft desk way back when out of leftover scrap wood and leftover white paint. It turned out pretty good for our first project! However, if we could do it over, we'd definitely have gotten better wood instead of the cheapo stuff we used.

I'm also beginning a sewing class on Monday nights. I'm SUPER pumped about it. Whether I get good at sewing or not, it's a night to get out of the house! I've been playing with appliques for a while now and ironically all of my really good stuff is on scrap fabric that I'm doing as a trial run. Ha! Either way, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it and it's actually really fun. I have several patterns for things that I'd like to try to sew but sewing just seems so overwhelming. I'm hoping that when we move and I have space to put everything and feel a little more organized that I'll actually enjoy doing this. Right now, I hate going downstairs where the machine is because that is the room where our junk goes to die. Everything ends up downstairs. It's our closet AND laundry room AND storage room AND sewing room. You can imagine how cluttered it is. It's not a big room, y'all. *sigh* Ah...can't wait to move. :)

Anyway, the DIY bug has bitten me yet again! Hopefully I'll start actually doing "projects" now that the weather is cooperating again!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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