Friday, April 9, 2010

Formerly "The Davis Family"

You're in the right place! There was just something about having my last name plastered all over the title of my blog that bugged me. I'm not super paranoid about it or anything - but there's no need to hand it to strangers on a silver platter. :)

So, after telling Judd "absolutely not" to "The Davis Dingbats" we came up with this!

Have a happy weekend!

ETA: My sister so kindly pointed out how funny it was that I was taking my name away from the Blog Title but not taking it away from the blog post. I thought of that when I was writing, but like I told her - this blog post will fall behind and eventually won't be seen. I'm not super paranoid about this, there's just no need for it to be at the top of every single page! So, I'm not as stupid as you thought. Ha! ;)

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