Thursday, August 2, 2012

37 Weeks–FULL TERM!

I made it!  I’m really surprised, but excited that we don’t have to worry about whether or not he’s ready to be in the outside world, yet!  I hope this will help him be more awake and alert than Amelia was, too.  That makes breast feeding a lot easier when they’ll wake up! 

How far along: 37 weeks!

How big is baby:  The comparisons are awful for this week.  A Swiss Chard?  A Winter Melon?  Whatever.  The average is 6 1/2lbs.  Smile

Weight gain/loss: +30lbs according to my doctor’s scale today. 

Stretch marks: Just the ones on my bellybutton + my old ones showing back up.

Maternity clothes:  Tired of them.  Actually purchased regular people clothing for Fall the other day.  It was just 2 open front cardigans, but still.  NOT MATERNITY!

Sleep: If I’m not contracting, I sleep okay.  The problem is, I’m usually contracting. 

Food cravings or aversions:  Ice.  I eat several cups of ice a day.  I’m probably going to break my teeth!

Gender: BOY! 

Movement:  All of his movements stay in the same place.  Around my right side his feet push out on me all the time.  Judd actually saw my belly with his feet pushing there and said, “That looks really weird.”  Ha! 

Belly button: Non-existent. 

What I'm loving:  I made it to full term!!!!!!

What I miss: Not waddling! 

What's different this time:  WOW.  The amount of false alarms I’ve had this pregnancy are ridiculous.  My fear is that I will second guess myself when I really am in labor because of all these false alarms and wait too long or something crazy.  I’m afraid I’ll be one of those “birth on the side of the road” people.  And as amazing as my husband is, he would not do well delivering a baby.

I had more “false labor” last night.  (Wow, I hate that term with a passion.)  It was the most different false labor I’ve had so far.  Instead of feeling like contractions with my stomach tightening and stuff, it felt like really low menstrual cramps.  After a few hours, I started noticing that my belly was tightening and they were coming in more distinguishable waves.  Then it started making my back hurt with each wave.  This lasted from about 6pm-4am then stopped.  Again.  But because it felt like something “different” I was convinced that we’d have a baby today.  No go…obviously.  Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep last night – however, that means that I was early for my doctor’s appointment today and even curled my hair!  Ha! 

I want my baby to be healthy – and I really am trying hard to savor this pregnancy, but my emotions have been toyed with for a few weeks now and I’m about tired of that part.  If the “false labor” would stop, I would honestly be fine.  I would waddle around awaiting my baby to come like every other pregnant woman.  But the false alarms and painful contractions have killed my spirit.  Ha!  All that being said, though – I’m happy he’s made it to full term and I am beyond ready to meet him!  At my appointment today, I was 3cm and 50% and he didn’t even have to tell me that the baby is low.  Hopefully it won’t be long now!


Another iPhone picture.  Judd is working late now and isn’t home to take my picture before I change into my much more comfy pajamas!  Winking smile

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