Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Girls!

I haven’t posted much about my sweet girls lately.  Since you got a Walker-Picture-Overload the other day, here’s a few of my sweet first and second babies.  (They’ll always be my babies!)

I’ve really been trying to get better with my camera using the manual settings and my 50mm lens.  I love it.  I’m also really new to editing so go easy on this amateur. 


She posed all by herself!


I thought this one was so funny.  Running full speed!


This wasn’t what I was going for with this shot.  I was wanting it focused on her eyes, but she moved and it got her mouth instead.  After I looked at it a few times, I decided that might be the cutest button nose and sweet mouth ever created.  So I kinda like it.  Winking smile

DSC_0908sassy tranquil

And just for fun – a shot of the world’s worst dog.  She’s so terrible – and covered in mud!

I love my girls!!!


  1. Is that Sassy?

    LOVE the eyes in that top pic!!!!!!

    1. Sure is! She jumped in a soybean field to cool off! Ha!