Sunday, August 19, 2012

We’re Surviving!

My little man is 1 1/2 weeks old!  I would say that that seems impossible – buuuuut….part of me wonders how it’s only been 1 1/2 weeks.  Ha!  Such is the life of a new(ish) mom. 

He REALLY is a fantastic baby, so far.  Most one week olds are pretty easy and he is no different.  He sleeps, eats a lot, and poops.  Breastfeeding is going well – finally.  He is definitely my best nurser so far.  He was born with a much stronger suck than either of my other kids…and well…let’s just say that can be painful and cause some irritation.  I’m talking, toe-curling, teeth-gritting irritation.  However, in a little over a week I’m feeling much better and as usual, I’m glad I stuck it out.  He’s already pretty great at side-lying nursing which makes both of us sleep a lot more (and less interruptions for Judd, too!) 

One thing I will say for this kid – he poops EVERY. TIME. HE. EATS.  Did you not want to know that?  Sorry.  Like, sometimes we wonder if it’s normal to poop quite that much.  Just this morning, he projectile pooped…all over my leg and my sheets.  He also loves to pee on everything.  I try to get the diaper on as quickly as possible, but since he’s pooped every time I change him, it takes a few seconds to clean it up…and in the meantime…

So far:  COUCH: 0  --  WALKER: 5

You may not want to sit on our couches ever again.  Glad I didn’t bother to get a new one yet.  I’ll wait until he’s past his pee-on-everything phase.

I’m feeling really great.  I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve overdone it and I paid for it dearly the next day – but for the most part, I can do whatever I want…pain free!  I am so happy to not be pregnant anymore.  HA!  My postpartum tummy gets smaller every day, although my butt and thighs seem to be holding steady.  Apparently that isn’t water weight…

Caroline and Amelia are doing great with him.  Caroline went through a little jealousy and adjustments, but she’s doing better.  Once she got back into her regular routine she stopped acting out and things are pretty much back to our new normal. 

Judd is working from sun-up to sun-down.  It’s difficult to deal with, but we’re making it.  I am very much looking forward to the end of Fall/beginning of Winter so we can spend some time as a family of 5! 

Walker is getting bigger every day.  When we left he hospital, we weighed 7lbs, 8oz (by their scale) and today he weighed 9lbs even (by my baby scale.)  He’s fitting in his 0-3mo outfit since his NB was too short and his toes were poking the end.  He’s in a size 1 diaper.  That’s about all the updates I have for now.

I’ll try to update again soon with some pictures!  Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I think all the pooping and peeing are a boy thing, cause Isaac did that too! Even at 2.5, he still poops more than any other kid I've ever met. Crazy.

    Glad y'all are adjusting well!!

  2. Sounds like you guys are doing well!!