Wednesday, March 14, 2012

17 Weeks!

How far along: 17 Weeks!
How big is baby:  The size of an onion!
Weight gain/loss: Honestly, I’m not sure.  I haven’t stepped on the scale a single time this week.  I’m totally good with that. 
Stretch marks: Sadly, I spotted a new one above my bellybutton the other day.  Judd agreed he’d never noticed it before.  Sadness.  With both the girls I didn’t get any until the last few weeks. 
Maternity clothes: Yes!  The shirts make me look more pregnant and less fat.  Also, why don’t women wear stretchy belly pants all the time?  Why must be ever button and zip?  This is so much more comfortable. 
Sleep: It’s been pretty good this week!  I drink less water before bed and I’m only having to get up once to pee – if that.  There have been a couple of nights where I didn’t have to get up.  However, it was almost painful when I woke up the next morning…ha!
Food cravings or aversions: Craving greasy food.  I did this with Caroline.  If it doesn’t have fat and grease dripping off of it, it probably doesn’t sound good to me.  I’m also a bottomless pit.  I can always have one more serving or dessert.  I NEVER feel full!
Gender: We found out Sunday (yes, my AWESOME doctor gave me an ultrasound on a Sunday after church…because he’s just that awesome…) that it’s a BOY!  Considering I was a little over 16 weeks at the ultrasound, there is always the possibility that what we saw could’ve have been something else (like the cord) but we all said with pretty good certainty that it looked like a boy.  From several angles.  I won’t buy any boy clothes yet, but we’re pretty sure!
Movement: YES! It’s happening a lot more often now.  I feel him (feels so good to call the baby a him instead of an ‘it’) several times a day.  I love it.  It’s getting stronger, too!  There have been a few that could’ve been felt from the outside!  When we had the ultrasound on Sunday, that kid was moving all over the place.  He was kicking and wiggling - and sucking his thumb.  So cute!
Belly button: Innie, but getting flatter.  Ugh.  I hate that flat bellybutton look.  It feels funny, too.
What I'm loving: Knowing the gender, feeling more kicks, and knowing that I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy already! 
What I miss: Nothing really.  I’m happy. 
What's different this time: I’m definitely bigger.  And the bottomless pit stomach thing.  I was always able to eventually feel full with the girls.  I’m serious when I tell you I could eat for hours without feeling full.  It’s gross, actually.  Also, my face is breaking out with a new zit every day.  Also quite gross.  And my face is getting fatter – as evidenced by this picture below. 
17 Weeks
You may notice my ugly, not fancy watermark.  To give you the short reason – someone stole some pictures off my blog (of our family and my kids) and sent them out in an e-mail scam trying to get money.  They basically pretended like they needed a nanny in London.  All in all, not dangerous, just hacked me off.  I thought about making my blog private, but that defeats the purpose of having one.  So if I can remember, my pictures will be watermarked from now on. Just for kicks, I recommend anyone with a blog google their names just to make sure.  It’s how I found mine!


  1. oh man, I've had the worst acne with this pregnancy, it's soooo gross! I've been blessed to not ever really be a "zit girl", until now! :(

    1. Same here, Kristen! I would occasionally get a zit here and there, but that was really it. I've got them all over the place now. So gross!

  2. You may have done this too, but I think there is also a way to disable right-clicking or copying pictures.

  3. I would recommend putting the watermark in the middle. Yours on top can easily be cropped out. I did they same and they cropped it out.