Wednesday, March 21, 2012

18 Weeks!

18 Weeks!
This is me today, 18 weeks.
17 weeks, round 1
This was me with Caroline at 17w4d – so almost 18 weeks.  I feel MUCH bigger this time!

How far along: 18 weeks!

How big is baby:  The size of a sweet potato! 

Weight gain/loss: +5lb.  

Stretch marks: Not unless you count the previous ones. 
Maternity clothes: Yes.  It’s all about comfort.

Sleep: Pretty good!  Enjoying all the sleep I can because I know the exhaustion that is coming!

Food cravings or aversions: Not really an aversion, but it will have to be a looooong time before I eat donuts again.  They were not Krispy Kreme and that was most likely the problem.  Any donuts consumed should be Krispy Kreme to be deemed worth the calories.  I’m craving ANYTHING SWEET!!  

Gender: Boy!  Getting a second look to make sure today!
Winking smile
Movement: Yes! More this week than last week.  Instead of feeling a few kicks and then nothing for a long time, I’m feeling something every hour or so.  I love it.

Belly button: Flat.  Ha!

What I'm loving: Getting to see the baby again!  I love to see him on the sonogram!

What I miss: Feeling attractive.  No, I’m actually serious.  Any self esteem issues before pregnancy just make you feel like a total rockstar in hindsight when you currently have a watermelon belly sticking out in front of you.

What's different this time: My sweet tooth!  I want ANYTHING sweet.  With the girls I just wanted food.  This time, I want sweets!!

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