Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeding the Ducks!

We went to the park today to do something different.  We had lunch at the picnic table and then fed the ducks some bread.  Caroline was so excited and talked about it the entire way there!  She has also talked about it all day long saying she wanted to go back and feed “MY DUCKS.”  Here’s a couple of pictures and a quick video from the duck feeding part!
Feeding the Ducks 011Feeding the Ducks 017Feeding the Ducks 020
Amelia generally hates being in the grass, so I brought the stroller for her and she munched on her chicken nuggets while we fed the ducks!
Feeding the Ducks 040Feeding the Ducks 045Feeding the Ducks 055
Guess who showed up after lunch to feed the ducks?!  DADDY!  He skipped eating his lunch so he could come feed the ducks with the girls.  There is one thing I know for certain – he LOVES spending time with his children…and that makes me so happy! 
Feeding the Ducks 061
Hope you all had a fantastic day today!

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