Sunday, March 11, 2012

It’s A….


We are fairly certain that the ultrasound showed a sweet baby boy!  I’m early, so there is always the possibility that things could change, but we’re pretty sure!  

A BOY?!  What on earth am I going to do with a boy!  Mud, dirt, insects, worms, etc….I’m already nervous! Ha!  
We’re gonna have one crazy house around here but it will be fun!  

We’ve picked out a name:
Walker Thad D.  

We are going to call him Walker.  Thad comes from my wonderful Papaw.  He was one of the greatest men I ever knew.  I’m honored to give my sweet baby his name.  I know my Papaw would be so proud!
Judd keeps making jokes that we’re naming this kid after Walker, Texas Ranger.  I’m going to hurt him if that joke sticks.  A friend of ours has already decided he’s going to call him “Roundhouse” for Chuck Norris.  Puh-lease!  

Just thought I’d give my blog friends the same update we gave our Facebook friends!  Wish us luck! (Especially me!  I’m not sure WHAT to do with boys!)


  1. I know you are proud to have a little boy at your house--they are precious! (and I like the name you picked and am SO glad it wasn't 'our' boy name--ha!; we are totally prepped for another boy at our house too!)

    1. Ha! Thanks, Anna! You never know - you might end up with a little girl! So glad everything has worked out with this pregnancy for you. God is great!

  2. I love my boy so much- life is so much fun with him. Just the other day were catching bugs. You'll be amazed how well you adapt to being a mom of a boy. :) congrats!

    1. Oh Leslie - bugs? I don't like for a ladybug to be near me! Maybe he'll want to play with Caroline and Amelia...HA! I am excited though! Judd is ecstatic to have a little boy to do "boy" things with him!

  3. A BOY!! Woohoo Congrats and Good Luck!!