Monday, March 19, 2012

Caroline–2 1/2 Years

So, I haven’t done a Caroline update in forever.  The girl changes SO much just from one week to another.  I don’t want to forget some of the cute things that she does and says…and that’s what blogs are for, right? 

Caroline, you love:

  • Being tickled, water, llama llama books, reading in general, Dora, Umizoomi, anything with princesses, cars, Power Wheels Jeep, fruit snacks (“Dora Snacks”), Yo Gabba Gabba, being outside, balls, swinging, jumping (trampoline, bounce house, or just hopping across the floor!), bananas, peanut butter crackers (“quackers”), feeding the ducks, Duke & Sassy, pizza, Jello (“yeahno”), paci (it’s a curse nowadays.), Angry Birds (“birds”), blankie, the iPad, music, dancing, being naked (ha!), making Amelia laugh, giving hugs, fruit loops (“fruit froops”), talking to anyone who will listen, m&ms, daddy coming home from work, mommy coming home from town, baths, cake, & riding in a shopping cart.

Feeding the Ducks 001

You dislike:

Going night night, getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth (sensing a trend here…), mommy leaving, having to come inside from playing, having to hold someone’s hand to cross the street, frogs (you cry and run away), Amelia screaming (you tell her “No, no Mia.  Stop crying!”), getting in the car, having your hair rinsed after washing, having dirty hands, and getting in trouble…it hurts your feelings so badly.

You are so funny!  You have such a mind of your own.  You always tell me in the car when we go to the bank or a drive thru, “I wanna say hey!” so I have to roll down your window so you can yell “hey!” to the person outside.  Especially at the bank because you want a sucker!


You tell me you love me everyday.  I melt every time.  My favorite is when I say it first and you say, “I love you toosies!”  I have no idea where toosies came from but it is so cute! 

You love to sing Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, Sing & Be Happy, and anything by the Fresh Beat Band. 

Turn your volume up…she starts out quiet but gets louder!

We’re working on the “yes ma’am” thing and you crack me up.  Today you asked if I wanted to put my shoes on and I told you no.  You said, “Mommy, say “no ma’am”  so I did and you said, “Thank you.”  Ha! 

You avoid bedtime/naptime like the plague.  You now come up with 1000 excuses why you don’t need to go to bed.  You need some “quackers” or some water or you claim you’ll go poop in the potty.  Speaking of potty training – we’re slowly working on it.  I’m not really totally pushing it, but you’re making efforts to at least try. 


You LOVE Amelia.  I seriously don’t know how you ever did without her.  You two play all day long together.  You play together SO WELL.  I’m so fortunate with that.  You do steal toys and snacks from her fairly often but you always give them back.  When she cries, you go get her blankie.  You ask her “What’sa matter, Mia?” when she’s upset.  And you always ask about her when you can’t find her. 

You are the cutest thing.  I just love to listen to you talk!  You have so much to say now.  I love giving you choices and hearing you make decisions.  I always ask you which drink you want and give you two options and you’ll say, “Ummmmmmmm……..water!”  (or juice or whatever.)  You ask to go outside and play with Duke & Sassy – which really means you want to get their food and feed them from your hands.  They love you, too!  You love when Daddy comes home from work.  I always announce when Daddy pulls in the driveway and say, “Daddy’s home!!” and you’ll come running through the house copying me and wait for him to give you a hug at the door. 

caroline jeep

You’re really into princess stuff lately.  You got a dress-up princess book where you dress up the princesses in different clothes and you LOVE it.  Your Vtech iPad thingy has a princess game/story that you play all the time.  Cinderella is your favorite.  I think I might get the movie out sometime soon and see how much you’ll watch of it before you get bored.  Winking smile 

You’ve started pulling up a stool or chair to help me cook.  You always want to stir and you really want to crack eggs…ha! 

caroline reading

You’re terrified of frogs.  You didn’t get that from me.  I’m not scared of frogs….I don’t like them…but I’m not scared of them.  You, on the other hand, cry and scream and act like someone is torturing you.  I feel sorry for you, because I DO know how you feel.  The way you feel about frogs is how I feel about bugs.  We’re both in a horrible place for these phobias, sweet girl. 


You are such a smart girl.  You know and can identify the alphabet (you know most of the lowercase and all uppercase letters) and most of your numbers.  You’ve started trying to count to 100 by 10’s.  Sometimes you get it and others you act like you’ve never done it in your life.  You know your shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle) really well.  You point shapes out to me in random, everyday places.  I’m always so proud!  You can usually identify your name when written out, and most of the time you can get Amelia’s name, too.  I think most of that comes from your love of reading books.  You come sit in my lap everyday and want me to read books over and over…and we usually do!  Some of the Nick Jr. shows you watch are great about teaching stuff like that, too. 


You’re great in church, most of the time.  You sit really quietly and play on the iPad or play with your princess book.  You still have a snack but you’re really quiet in general.  When we pray you stop what you’re doing and clasp your hands together – usually for the majority of the prayer (as long as it isn’t really long…ha!)  I love to see you do that. 

You make me so proud.  I wanted to write this stuff down because I haven’t done it in a long time and I want to be able to come back and read all of this about you.  You’re such a big girl, already.  I wish time would stop!  You’re so independent.  You love doing things on your own and having us cheer for you.  You are so beautiful and you make my heart so happy!  I love you sweet girl.  You mean the world to me.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you!


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