Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2o Weeks with Picture!

Halfway there!  Actually, judging by my last two pregnancies, I’m over halfway there –but you get the idea.  I’m actually HOPING that I make it to 38ish weeks (if not more) this time.  It was so hard, especially with Amelia, to make them wake up and eat.  They were SO, SO sleepy.  Within about 10 seconds of eating, Amelia would be back asleep and it was nearly impossible to wake her. She seriously would have just slept for days without ever waking up to eat.   She was born at 35 weeks on the day, so she was a couple of weeks premature.  She also stayed jaundiced for a little longer, too.  I’ve read that babies born earlier tend to have these issues so I’m really hoping we can hold out longer this time, although there may not be anything I can do about it.
You may notice that the 19 week update never happened.  Sorry.  I got busy and after Sunday when I finally felt like I had time to do it, it seemed pointless since it was over halfway finished.  Anyway – on to 20 weeks!
How far along: 20 weeks!
How big is baby:  The size of a cantaloupe!!
Weight gain/loss: +6lb.  (This 1lb a week stuff has to stop soon or I’m going to be in trouble!)
Stretch marks: One (new) one.  Grossness.
Maternity clothes: All the way.  Including the underwear.  (If you don’t purchase maternity panties while you’re pregnant – you are totally missing out.  They feel SO much better.  Even if you think your regular ones feel just fine, buy a cheap pack of maternity ones and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  You’re welcome for the unsolicited advice.)
Sleep: Great!  I’ve been sleeping through the night with no bathroom breaks.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Food cravings or aversions: I’ve had a weird craving for apple juice lately.  As in, I had 3 glasses in one day.  I haven’t had a glass of apple juice in YEARS but while I was pouring the girl’s cups I decided I’d have one myself…and it went downhill from there.  I’m having to limit myself because I’m going to drink all of their apple juice!
Gender: Definitely a boy! 
Movement: Big movements!  I saw my belly move for the first time last night.  That is seriously SO cool.  I mean, to know that my kid just jabbed me so hard that my stomach actually moved and I could see it through my clothing amazes me.  Those same feet that will one day toddle around my house.  So cool. 
Belly button: Flat.  Ha!
What I'm loving:  The big movements.  That’s definitely my favorite part of pregnancy.  Also, I bought Walker his first outfit(s) the other day.  I went to a consignment sale with my sister and before I left I got some boy clothes.  Super fun.  Too bad he doesn’t have a closet for his stuff to go in yet.  It all ended up being stuffed in a drawer.  HA!  Third child syndrome.
What I miss: Nothing really.  I’m happy!
What's different this time: My face breaking out like a teenager.  Also, what is with my skin?  My cheeks have this unattractive blotchiness all over them.  I try to blend it in with my blush but it sort of makes me look like I have on clown makeup.  As long as it goes away when I have the baby I’ll be fine – but if that junk is here to stay I’m going to need some better foundation coverage.  Blah!

I’ll be going for my anatomy scan (what most people call their “BIG ultrasound) 2 weeks from today.  Please pray that he is healthy!  I tend to worry until that ultrasound when everything is checked out.  I appreciate your prayers!


  1. Sweetness! Can't wait to experience this one day. Praying everything is great in two weeks and throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

    1. Thanks, Joy! It's an amazing feeling - no matter how many times you do it - it's amazing every time! I appreciate your prayers!

  2. I can't believe you're half way done. You look so cute! I can't wait to hold him. :)

    1. Aw, thank you! I can't wait, either!