Wednesday, April 18, 2012

22 Weeks!

22 Weeks2
How far along: 22 weeks!
How big is baby:  The size of a papaya…?
Weight gain/loss: +10lb.  Yes, you read that correctly, unfortunately.  I’ve gotta lay off the sweets. 
Stretch marks: Same as before.
Maternity clothes: Very much so.  As a matter of fact, the size medium shirts that fit really well a few weeks ago are suddenly getting tight.  They still fit, but I feel like I’m doing a lot of tugging to keep them down.
Sleep: Well, my actual sleep isn’t bad – I’m not waking up to pee anymore which is great.  But do any of you ever have such vivid, wild dreams that when you wake up you feel like you haven’t slept well at all?  I’m doing that just about every night.  I dream the CRAZIEST stuff.  Twice this week I’ve dreamt that I was in a car accident and I woke up as the cars were flipping over.  In one of them, as I was plunging to my death in the car, I was saying to myself “Open your eyes, Kacie.  It’s a dream – just open your eyes!” and suddenly my eyes shot open and I was panting and my heart was racing!  It was crazy!
Food cravings or aversions: SWEETS, SWEETS, SWEETS!  Chocolate, ice cream, cookies, donuts – seriously.  I’m not usually a huge snacker, but it’s all I can do these days not to eat cookies for a meal.  I try to fight the cravings, but if I wait more than a few days, I’m DESPERATE for something sweet then I pig out when I finally get some.  Kinda defeats the purpose of holding out!
Gender: We got our 3rd look today – DEFINITELY a boy!  He is totally not shy. 
Movement: This kid never sleeps.  The girls were always active, but they never really hurt me with their jabs and stuff until the very end.  This kid is brutal.  (I can already hear some of you laughing saying he’s doing a roundhouse kick there. Winking smile)  But seriously, he really must be doing something kung fu-like because he hurts me!  He’ll move so much at night that I can’t go to sleep until he settles down.  I don’t see this as a good sign…
Belly button: Flat. Gross.
What I'm loving:  Had the big anatomy scan today.  He is healthy!  I’m so glad!  He weighs about 1lb, 1oz which is just a little above average (but not by much) and he’s the cutest thing ever with properly functioning kidneys, heart, bladder, etc.  He is laying exactly the way I thought he was, diagonally, with his head on my left side and his feet stretched up into my right side.  That seems to be the way to go in my uterus since he’s now the 3rd tenant to live in there and lay that way on that exact same side.  I’ve never really felt kicks on my upper left side because all of my kids seem to put their feet on my upper right.  Kinda weird!  I enjoyed seeing him on the u/s today.  He’s so cute!
What I miss: Bending over and rolling over in bed without pelvic pain!
What's different this time:  Besides my weight gain and the insane amount of sugary foods that I can take down in one sitting?  I guess besides that, nothing is really different except for how big I am already.  I don’t remember being this big with my other two at this point.  Maybe I was, but I sure feel bigger this time.  Judd said I look bigger!
I have my gestational diabetes test next time (1hr) and I dread it.  Bleh.  That stuff is disgusting.  I also wasn’t paying attention and my appointment is at 9:30am – that’s going to be pleasant!  I’ll be trying not to puke the rest of the day!  I think that appt is May 9.  It kinda blows my mind that I’m already to this point. 
I’ve had some minor braxton hicks contractions that didn’t last very long and weren’t painful – but I’m trying to keep a close eye on them.  I’ve really been trying not to pick up Caroline quite so much because she’s 35lbs and gets pretty heavy!  My pelvis issues from the last two times are starting to flare up kinda early but I’m dealing with it.  I’m a little nervous though that if it’s already getting painful to do simple things like roll over in bed now, what on earth will it be like in 15 weeks when I (hopefully) reach full term?!  Anyway, those little tidbits are mainly for myself to remember so that when I am pregnant with #4, I can come back and see when it started with #3.  Ha! 
Hope you all have a fantastic week! 

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