Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our (Temporary) Family Members

We got temporary new additions to our family on Friday morning.  I have to say, I think they’re the cutest little things I’ve ever seen. 
Sassy had puppies!  Duke is the daddy due to an unfortunate event.  Let’s just say he’s a sneaky little dude. Caroline is going to have so much fun playing with them.  I’ll be super sad to see them go when it’s time, but they’ll only go to great homes!
She’s being such a great mama!  I can’t imagine nursing 7 babies at once, but she’s pretty good at it! Winking smile  She doesn’t leave their sides for very long. 
I’m slightly obsessed with this one.  He’s a dark yellow.  My dad tells me that’s called “fox red” in labrador speak.  Regardless, I think he’s beautiful!
I also have a soft spot for chocolates.  He’s a cutie. 
This little girl looks like Sassy.  Sassy is a light yellow…a lot this one! 
Seven little babies! 
Two of the blacks, and the two light yellows are females.  The chocolate, one black, and the dark yellow are male.  They are the sweetest little things. 
P.S.  If this is a controversial issue to you, please keep it to yourself and remember to be respectful.  I reserve the right to delete rude comments.  Smile


  1. This isn't controversial to me except I do have to say you are causing controversy in my house because I want one and Murray says no! :( Haha.

    1. HA!! Erin, they are the sweetest little things. I love labs. We always had one when I was growing up and my love for them carried over. They also make great guard dogs. ;) I'll keep posting pics as they get bigger and maybe you can talk him into one! Does he hunt at all? Judd takes Duke duck hunting and Duke LOVES it. You could always throw that in there to help out..LOL!

  2. So cute!! We have new family members too. =) We aren't quite ready for a dog so we got DUCKS! I just posted pictures and they are pretty cute! Someday we'll have a dog though, and I'd love a little lab.

  3. they are absolutely adorable! Love that dark yellow and the chocolate one..... we had a black lab up until a year ago. Once we move to the country we'll add another lab to our crew, hopefully it will be that same beautiful dark yellow! Good luck with being strong enough to send them off to a new home, I could never breed dogs just for that reason! We'd be stuck keeping them all! lol

  4. Kacie,

    Will you be selling them? My husband accidently ran over my yellow lab, Tucker, 3 weeks ago and I am looking for another one. Yellow lab - preferably female.

    Amy Massey (a friend of Audra's)
    (I am NOT a stalker - I just love your's and Audra's blogs - so inspirational to my heart!!

  5. Amy - Yes, we are going to sell them. I'm SO sorry about your other lab. We had a chocolate lab named Reese that died from cancer at 1 year old a few years ago and it was devastating.

    Both of the light yellow pups are females. The dark yellow is male and is already spoken for. Message me on FB or e-mail me ( and I can reserve the one you want, if you'd like. They're all SO sweet. I have a soft spot in my heart for labs! They're such sweet dogs.