Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Third Baby Syndrome

I’d heard of it before but just never really, fully understood it.  Now I do. 
I’ve done nothing.  Absolutely, positively, nothing. 
We will be moving Amelia & Caroline into a room together, and I’d honestly like to have all of that worked out and settled by the time he gets here – but have I done anything?  Well, no.  The crib is still set up in Amelia’s room and Caroline’s full bed is still up.  That’s part of the problem.  I don’t really want them sleeping in the same bed together because Caroline is a terror to sleep with.  Not to mention, when one pees out of her diaper – you gotta get them both up.  Same for stomach virus, etc.  Blah.  I really want to put two twin beds in there, but Amelia isn’t quite ready to leave a crib.  So therein lies my problem.  I’m going to have to take the crib apart (too big to fit through the doorway) and put it back together in Caroline’s room.  But it won’t fit in there without getting her a smaller bed.  And then, I’m going to need that crib back to put back in Walker’s room.  He will most likely be in the room with me for the first few months, but it would be nice to have the crib in his room for naps.  So apparently we need a 2nd crib…again.
Our swing died on the last kid and we have to get a new one.  We are swing people.  We would die without it.   
We also have to totally swap around car seats.  Caroline will be getting a new one – (leaning towards the Britax Frontier…opinions?) and Amelia will move into Caroline’s current seat.  Then Walker will have the infant seat.  So we’ve gotta do that.
I also desperately need a double stroller.  I think I’ve decided on the Chicco one since my carseat will just sit down in it.  I made it with 2 without the double stroller, but 3 would be really difficult.  Caroline still rides in a stroller when given the opportunity so I think the double is our best bet.  We’d have the double + the umbrella stroller for when all 3 need it.  Wow.  We’re going to look like a posse of small children.  HA!
Unless he’s going to sleep with cutsey pink damask crib bedding and curtains, I’ve got to do something to the kid’s nursery, too.  I’ve done nothing more than look on the internet about two times and left with nothing. 
So here I sit.  Thinking about how Amelia came so suddenly at 35 weeks.  That’s 12 weeks from tomorrow.  And I’ve done nothing.  Hopefully Walker will stay in there longer than Amelia, but because of my situation with her, I feel the need to be totally prepared by the time I reach 35ish weeks…if not sooner.  So anyway.  There’s my worry for the week. 
Any suggestions for the sleeping arrangements or car seat recommendations for an almost 3 year old that weighs 36lbs?  Or just tell me to hush and it’ll be fine.  I realize that babies are born every single day that don’t have their nursery set up or whatever – but the planner in me is having a minor freak out today.  You can carry on with your life now.  Smile


  1. I'm right there with you on just about all topics! We needed two car seats, for each car, for Jackson--same weight and age as C. Well, we were leaning towards the britax frontier and a cheaper one for dans car. We bought the cheaper one already and after 1 day I am ready for my britax! (that's what we had previously, the marathon britax) I think after this cheap-o deal, we are officially a britax family.

    As for the other stuff, I will be watching closely to see what you get: swing and stroller wise. Fill me in when after you've shopped and used them! And since I have longer to ponder our sleep situation--that's what I'll do:-)

    You are right--third child equals LAST minute. Ha!

    1. Anna - luckily, we only use my car for hauling kiddos. Judd's truck just turned into a work vehicle, so we only need car seats in mine. That would get EXPENSIVE to have 6 car seats! Ha! We have the Britax Boulevard for Caroline now (and it was wreck tested...it did its job fantastically!) and I love it. I really just feel like they are safer in them.

      I think swing-wise I'm leaning towards the Fisher Price My Little Snuggabunny Cradle & Swing. That's a mouthful. It plugs into the wall instead of batteries being the main source of power and I'm all about that. Stroller-wise I have the Chicco single stroller now and I've heard rave reviews about the double. I also really love the idea of my infant car seat snapping into it. I think that's what I'm leaning towards. I do love my single one.

      I have most of my decisions made, I just haven't done anything with those decisions. Not to mention, these are all major purchases! Nothing on that list is under $100. Ugh!

  2. ha! I'm with ya! I'm pregnant with baby #3 right now, due in 6 weeks. I haven't bought a single item. It doesn't help that we don't know the gender of the baby, if we have a boy then we're set, but if we get a girl, then I'm in trouble! good luck to you!

    1. Six weeks?! I'd be losing my mind. Ha! Especially since my last one came 5 weeks before my due date. Lol!

      I'm in the same boat - except I know I'm not all set! Ha! It's a boy and we own nothing that even resembles 'boy' in this house. Good for you for being patient on finding out! I told Judd now that we've had both genders, I may let #4 be a surprise!

  3. Depending on why Amelia isn't ready to leave the crib...if it's more of she's not ready to be in the twin bed yet, you could transition by just laying her crib mattress on the floor. Yes, not the most decorative idea, but it does help transition and then you would only be purchasing another crib mattress rather than a whole crib.

    I would love to know how you keep your older children out of the swing...I have a 22 month and a 4 month and I just can't seem to keep the 22 month out of the swing.

    We love the Sunshine Kids (now called Diono) Radian car seat. The main appeal is that you can fit 3 side by side and also they stay rear facing for a long time. We just have the one, but hope to be able to transition our infant car seat to another one soon.

    I have a Zooper Tango double stroller that I love, but I received it as a review item, since I wouldn't have been able to afford it on my own. I really like the side by side since there was no way my daughter would right in front or behind the new baby...she definitely likes being able to reach over and grab her hand, so it works well for us. It also is narrow enought to fit through my front door, which is a must.

    Good luck and I'm sure I'll be in the same boat when we have a third. :)

    1. I hadn't thought about the mattress on the floor idea. That's not bad! But how do I keep her from getting up and playing instead of going to bed when it's time to sleep? We won't be able to fit the rocker in that room and I'm fairly positive she would get up and get into EVERYTHING. She'd be reading books instead of sleeping.

      Thanks for the car seat recommendation. I haven't heard of that one. I'll have to google it!

      I really like the idea of side-by-side strollers better than front and back strollers, but I've heard it's difficult to get in doorways of stores, etc. Have you had that problem?

      Thanks for the reply!

    2. Sorry - you totally asked me a question about the swing thing. To be honest, Caroline was 16 months old when Amelia was born. By the time Caroline was 22 months old, I think Amelia was leaving the swing stage behind. There were several times when I had to tell Caroline to leave the swing alone, but she mainly just liked to put her baby dolls in it. Caroline has always been my "minding" child. She listens to what I say. Amelia is my wild child. She does her own thing. HA! I have a feeling she will be terrible with things like this when Walker gets here!