Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Pictures!

So instead of rambling in this post for 15 paragraphs, I’m putting pictures!  Most of these are on Facebook, but as Deda lovingly reminded me, not everyone has Facebook.  Winking smile  These are for you, Deda!  I love you!

(She was determined she was going to blow the pool up by herself.)
The many faces of Amelia.
“Hm.  This part isn’t so bad…”
Most of these were taken Easter weekend.  Smile  I was burned (click link to see a picture of my crispy legs) to a complete crisp from this day and we took ZERO pictures on Sunday morning because if I remember correctly, I cried from my dress rubbing my legs.  That day was miserable.  So all we have are pictures from the Easter Bunny coming a day early.  Because our Easter Bunny is cool like that…and my kids don’t know the difference yet.  Winking smile  Have a good weekend!

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