Thursday, July 12, 2012

34 Weeks!

How far along: 34 weeks!
How big is baby:  The size of a butternut squash?  He’s roughly 4.5-5.0lbs. 
Weight gain/loss: Everyone get ready to fall out of your chairs.  I didn’t gain any weight from one doctor’s appointment to the next.  I’m still the same as I was at 32w.  My scale at home says I’ve gained 1lb since that appointment so I’m going to go with that, anyway.  +28lbs
Stretch marks: Same as last week!
Maternity clothes:  I honestly rotate about 4 shirts and 2-3 pairs of pants.  Not much of a selection left.  My dresses seem to make me look wide….or is that just my body? 
Sleep: Depends.  I’m getting up to pee 2-3x a night.  That’s obnoxious.  We also moved Caroline and Amelia into the room together and that has affected my sleep some, too.  They’re doing great though!  My hips and my pelvis hurt REALLY bad.  If I take a Tylenol PM, I sleep better.  If I just rely on myself – I basically don’t sleep. 
Food cravings or aversions: I feel like some days I have to force myself to eat.  I AM, however, obsessed with ice.  I did this with Amelia, too.  I could eat ice for meals.  I eat several cups of ice a day.  I crave ice.  Isn’t that called Pica or something like that?  Ha!   When I start trying to eat laundry detergent y’all can stage an intervention.
Gender: BOY! 
Movement:  He’s moving, but not a lot anymore.  His movements are very restricted, I think.  I feel them all in the same spots.  The only ones I don’t like are when he hits my hip/pelvic bones.  That hurts and feels really, really strange.
Belly button: Flat.  Extremely flat.
What I'm loving: Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  At this point with Amelia, I was feeling like I wouldn’t make it much longer and asked to be checked and found out that it wouldn’t be long before she came.  When I got checked yesterday, I’m roundabout a fingertip dilated with no effacement worth mentioning.  It makes me very hopeful that Walker is going to stay in longer than Amelia did and hopefully make it full term (or at least close!)
What I miss: Not feeling fat.  I’m definitely feeling somewhat large these days…especially in my face.  
What's different this time:  The pain.  I’m in a lot of pain this time.  Partly from little sleep, but mostly from my pelvis and hips.  I think my body is trying to tell me that 3 babies is 3 years is a little much.  Ha!  I’m pretty sure Walker has dropped some.  I can feel him much lower in my pelvis and the pressure is pretty intense.  He sometimes sits on my sciatic nerve which hurts, but for the most part it just feels like a lot of pressure. 
I’m feeling REALLY tired, overall.  I could seriously sleep all day (or try to, at least.)  My body gets tired really quickly.  I also feel like I’ve done some nesting lately.  I’ve really been working on getting the house straightened up.  I hate clutter and I feel like we have so much of it.  A lot of it I just can’t help – like the toys – but I am trying to organize the clutter.  Ha! 
I’m getting anxious for him to get here!  His room is mostly finished and I really am going to put pictures on here – but I need a few more things.  Mainly some artwork on the walls and a knick knack or two.  I’m not sure when/where I’ll find those things so I’ll post pics when I finally feel like it’s finished.  Smile 
Look, this is an awful picture – but it’s because I LOOK awful.  No makeup, pasty pale white, and large.  However, I did shower…so….be thankful for that.

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  1. You are definitely in the home stretch! As a mom to two winter babies, I give you big props being in the 3rd tri in the hot summer!