Thursday, July 26, 2012

36 Weeks!

I have to admit – I’m surprised that I’m still pregnant!  But I am glad Walker is getting more time to grow safely!  We did have a false labor “scare” last Thursday morning.  It was definitely the most painful false labor I’ve ever experienced.  I was having to breathe and concentrate through each contraction and they were 5 minutes apart for about 4 hours.  Then they just slowly spaced out and stopped.  It was some pretty convincing “false” labor.  I hate that term, though.  There was nothing false about those contractions…without a doubt.  I do this with all of my pregnancies, though.  Look up prodromal labor.  It’s when labor goes on for days and sometimes weeks (<---that’s me) leading up to active labor.  I have fairly painful contractions every single day.  I can never know if they’re going to turn into real labor or not until I start timing them.

All of that being said, I’m glad (even though I’m MISERABLE) he’s still cooking…for his sake. 

How far along: 36 weeks!

How big is baby:  The size of a honeydew!

Weight gain/loss: +29lbs.  I’ve been holding pretty steady the last few weeks.  I’m happily surprised.

Stretch marks: New ones are popping up everywhere.  Especially around my bellybutton.

Maternity clothes:  Obviously.  So sick of maternity clothes.  (Except the pants…I think women should wear stretchy pants all the time.)

Sleep: Two words:  Pregnancy Insomnia.  I struggle to sleep 3-4 consecutive hours before it hits.  I usually wake up somewhere around 3am and don’t fall back asleep until sometime after 6 when Judd leaves for work.  It’s making things very difficult.  I’ve NEVER had this problem in pregnancy (or any other time, for that matter) before – and it’s definitely a tough one.  Exhaustion can turn me into a totally different person!

Food cravings or aversions: I feel like I have to make myself eat most days.

Gender: BOY! 

Movement:  Yes, and they’re becoming quite painful.  I still love to feel it, though.  It’s so amazing to think that those are the same feet in my ribs that will be piddling around this house one day.

Belly button: Flat.  Extremely flat.

What I'm loving:  I’m only 1 week from being full term.  I honestly did not think I would make it this far.  I’m proud!

What I miss: Sleep.  But I figure at this point the next time I get real sleep will be when Walker is born and sleeps through the night. 

What's different this time:  The insomnia.  It’s seriously debilitating.  Can you tell it’s my main problem? Ha.  Also, the intensity of my braxton hicks contractions are much worse than they were with the girls.  Some of them are really painful to be “false” labor. 

Didn’t take a picture today – I’ll try to put one up sometime soon.  Smile  Have a great day!


  1. ugh, I miss sleep as well! My little babe is 7 weeks old, I feel like I haven't slept thru the night since I was about 20 weeks pregnant.... such a sad feeling! So glad you've made it this far!

  2. Yay, Kacie! I'm glad he's got a little more time to grow! Take care of yourself and stay positive. Your body is working hard. . . even when there's not yet a baby to show for it! Praying for strength for you.