Wednesday, July 18, 2012

35 Weeks!

How far along: 35 weeks!

How big is baby:  The size of a coconut!

Weight gain/loss: +29lbs.  I’ve gained 1lb this week.  I think all of it except the baby’s weight is in my double chin and fat cheeks.

Stretch marks: Same as last week!

Maternity clothes:  Obviously. 

Sleep: It’s hit or miss.  Some nights I sleep like a rock and I’m a total zombie going to the bathroom.  Other nights I toss and turn and waking up to pee means I’m up for an hour trying to fall back asleep. 

Food cravings or aversions: No real cravings or aversions.  Still eating tons of ice.  I love ice!  But I’m really just not super hungry.  There isn’t much room in there for food – so if I overeat, I’m MISERABLE.

Gender: BOY! 

Movement:  This kid gets the hiccups at least 4-5x/day.  It’s a very strange feeling because he’s sitting so low in my pelvis. 

Belly button: Flat.  Extremely flat.

What I'm loving: I’ve officially made it longer than I did with Amelia!!  I’m really happy about that.  As much as the selfish side of me wants to be finished being pregnant in this terrible heat, I’m SO glad he has stayed in longer than Amelia did.  I constantly worried this entire pregnancy about him coming too early, and I’m thrilled that we made it to 35w without a hitch.  I’m very anxious to have my appointment next week and see if there’s been progress or if I’m the same as last week.  I’ll start my weekly appointments next week!  Ah!  I just want him to be healthy!!!

What I miss: I miss a lot of things.  Not feeling fat, having more than a few outfits that fit, not having every single stranger look at me and say, “Oh bless your heart.  How much longer do you have?” …The list could go on and on.  Having said all of that, though – I’m happy to keep him in longer if it means he’ll be healthy!  I’m really hoping we don’t have the jaundice issues we’ve had previously!  

What's different this time:  Well – I had already delivered Amelia by this point…ha!  Not a whole lot is different from Caroline though except just how big I am. 


Yeah – I’m in pajamas.  Sorry.  I wasn’t changing clothes for a picture! 

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