Friday, June 12, 2009

26 Weeks! With Pictures!

Um, I'm a little late. But only by 2 days! I've been a BUSY girl this week! We had vacation bible school at our church this week and I decorated a room and taught! I had a lot of fun but I have very much enjoyed my rest today. VBS was from Monday to Thursday and I took down my decorations Thursday after it ended. Today was my day of rest. Ha! Well, kind of. :) As you will see in a later post (probably tomorrow) my wonderful BIL & sister brought me my crib and changer!!! Judd put it all together for me while I put a closet organizer together to help calm the clutter in her closet! I'm so excited to have the stuff in her room! I'm working on lots of things to make her room look special, so get ready for nursery posts! Anyway, let me tell you what's going on with my sweet Caroline this week.

26 weeks
  • Air sacs are developing in her lungs...which means (dun dun dun dun!) she could possibly be able to take a breath at the end of this week!! This is EXCELLENT!
  • Her retina is fully developed. Even though her eyes are sealed shut, they are complete!
  • Brainwaves are detectable this week. That's pretty cool! My little intelligent one...
  • She can actually recognize my voice versus someone else's now. I feel special. :)
  • She weighs about 2lbs!!!
  • She is around 14 inches long from head to foot. She's getting so big!
  • The end of this week marks my entrance into the 3rd trimester. Oh my goodness. Deep breath....

Caroline is definitely making it hard for me to get a good night's rest - and she can't even cry yet! My back hurts so badly some nights that I cry. It's a very odd place for it to hurt, too. Right under my shoulder blades on both sides. I have to sleep ON my back...if I sleep on either side, I'm in excrutiating pain. The only thing that helps the pain is heat. Add this pain to my lower back pain - and we've got a problem. If I lay on my back for too long, my lower back hurts. So I'm constantly waking up to pain in different parts of my back and having to move to help it. So sleep is getting hard to come by. Oh well...just preparing me for the long nights ahead, I guess.

Well, there you have it! Let me also point out that I am now into DOUBLE DIGITS on my number of days left. Um, holy cow. Counting today (which is technically already over!) I have 96 days left. CRAZY. SCARY. Am I ready for this?

Some days, my need to hold her is overwhelming. Other days, all I can think about is how badly I need her to stay put for a lot longer because I still have so much to do. My nesting has been kicked into overdrive. I've done 10 loads of laundry this week. Get this - I ran out of hangers because we've never had all of these clothes clean at one time before. Yeah. I've been trying really hard to keep our house clean because if I let it all pile up on me, I can never find the energy to get it clean again.

Judd is working really hard these days. He gets home pretty late and leaves really early. I definitely miss him this time of year. I've been going out there to see him a lot and it helps me feel like it hasn't been ages since we've talked. I rode in a SEMI for the first time ever the other day. He tried to make me drive it but I was terrified of killing us so I opted to stay in the passenger's seat. Lucky for all other drivers on the road! Your lives have been spared another day!

Well, I guess I've updated you on the last week. Sorry I didn't post in between but VBS kept me very busy! Cassie (my SIL) brought her two boys here this week so we hung out with them a lot. She's such a good mom...and the boys are definitely adorable. She finds out her 3rd baby's sex next week. For the record, I'm guessing girl. We'll see if I'm right. ;) Without further ado - here's my WHALE of a 26 week picture. Please excuse the's been a long week. Ha!

The all its glory.

Large and in charge.

I look tired. Ha ha!

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  1. You're adorable! The inevitable 3rd trimester...I couldn't decide which was worse: the 1st or the 3rd. I'll be anxious to hear your opinion as you near the end!

    That little 2 lb baby is going to gain LOTS of weight in the next few weeks!