Monday, June 15, 2009

The Nursery So Far...

We don't have the mattress yet, so here's the quilt and the bumper. (We're putting a breathable one on there for the first several months...this is just for decoration right now!)

It looks so pretty! I was a little bummed because the ribbons were too short to tie in bows. Oh well.

This was my grandmother's living room end table that I've had since college. We painted it pink and it will go beside my chair & ottoman. :) The chair is still being enjoyed in the living room currently.

Um, my daughter will never have to go naked...that's for sure. Please gaze upon my building skills. I built that little organizer from a billion pieces. Not really...but couldn't WalMart just sell it pre-assembled?

Her changer. The drawers are going to come in handy seeing how her closet is already stuffed. I feel like that mirror is just too small over that space. It doesn't look balanced...which I can't stand. What else can go above her changer? Her name is already going above her crib so that option is out! I thought about some art work, but it's really difficult to find matching artwork for a room with this many colors to match!

Her pretty crib. I absolutely love it. I smile every morning when I walk out of my bedroom and see it in her room. It truly makes things seem so much more real. :)

These are the curtains I'm bidding on on Ebay. They're Gingham Green Blackout Panels. I opted against floor length so we don't have the temptation of pulling on them constantly. They will come right below the window sill. (Even if I don't win them on ebay, they still have them at Pottery Barn.) Her bumper has gingham green on some of the patches, so it should match well.
Now, all I need is an area rug....


  1. Looking great!!! Maybe put something on either side of the mirror to balance it out??

  2. So cute! Love the crib and paint job on the walls!

  3. Too cute!

    For artwork, could you just do photographs of flowers or something similar? Maybe a pink, yellow, and green one?

  4. Thanks!

    Good ideas. I'll see what I can come up with! Thank you ladies!

  5. The nursery is looking so good! I can't wait til we move so I can start on the room as well!! I already have many many ideas!

  6. Looking good!! I love the bedding. You are getting so close!

  7. Check out my friend Kathy's blog. She has great artwork pieces that she could paint to match the colors. She can use Bible Verses or just sayings. She is super talented.