Saturday, June 27, 2009

3D Ultrasound Adventure Day

Well, it's official. She's as stubborn as her mother! We had our 3D ultrasound yesterday, packed with about 14 people + the u/s tech. Everyone had driven at least over an hour to see her pretty little face. Judd and I had driven 3 hours! Wouldn't you know she would be balled up in a precious little wad and REFUSED to uncurl herself?! We tried everything! I drank a Sprite (gross!) and ate some chocolate, moved around, tried emptying my bladder, poking and prodding her, turning from one side to another...notta. She said she wasn't moving today!

I felt so terrible that people had driven to see her and all we were getting was her cute little butt in the air. The tech told me she had never had one "this bad" (curled up) and had only had one be this stubborn about moving before! "She gets it honest," I told her. One little tear went down my cheek...partly out of guilt to the people who had driven so far, and partly from disappointment. Everyone reassured me that they were fine and there was nothing to feel guilty about, but I just couldn't help it. All of a sudden, that little girl flung all the way around and gave us a little look at her cute face! I started crying! I really didn't think I would cry, but I definitely did! The tech had been so nice to look for so long! Our DVD was 55 minutes long and only the last 10 minutes are actually good 3D shots! Just to give you an idea of how balled up she was, her knees were practically hitting her chin...and her arms were in between. She wanted to make sure we didn't get a single shot of her face! Although, that worked out well to confirm, once again, that she is definitely a SHE. :) (Judd and I had made sure to agree on our boy name before we went in, just in case.) Caroline was desperate to get her hands back in front of her face, but we did get a few shots before she forced us to quit again!
Audra took this picture before we got started! Can you tell I was excited? Ha!

Her little feet touching each other.

This one is hard to see, but her nose is scrunched up and her mouth is open because she's yawning! I loved seeing this!

Yawning again! Look at that nose! I think she has her daddy's nose!

Sleeping...or trying to! Those chubby little cheeks and those lips! I just love her!

I just love this little girl.

The ultrasound made me want to hold her even more! It made me want her out here with me! All in all, we were glad we went! Even though we didn't get to see her for very long in 3D, we still got to see her in 2D for a LONG time! I love seeing her, regardless of the dimension! We also got to see my side of the family and Cassie and the boys yesterday - which is a treat! We don't see either of them enough! We missed you, Glenda!! Mrs. Candy was sad that she couldn't make it since Mr. Larry just got home from surgery, but we've got the DVD for her and took her pictures to look at today.

After the ultrasound we went out to eat with the family at O'Charley's. It was DELICIOUS! I was so hungry. Good company!! After we ate, everyone said their goodbyes and Judd took me to the mall. :) I was so excited. We walked around for a while just looking and decided it was time to head home. My flip flops were making indentions in my feet! So we hopped in the car and headed back. Now I see why people don't want to make car trips in their 3rd trimesters. I was so uncomfortable for those last 30 minutes. I had to pee thanks to the 1/2 liter of water I'd had, and Caroline was so lovingly kicking the mess out all my organs...(moving around a TON since we left the u/s place, of course!), and my back was on fire! I was so glad to get home. We fell asleep shortly after and I slept really hard!

We had a great day yesterday, and I got to spend it with lots of people that I don't see often enough, including Judd! Thanks to everyone for coming and seeing our sweet little girl. She'll be here before we know it! We love you all!

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