Friday, May 27, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!

The winner has been chosen!  As explained in the video, there were some people who didn't quite understand how to do multiple entries so instead of using a random number generator, we used the old fashioned method of paper slips and a cup!  If you had multiple entries, your name was in the cup multiple times!  :)  

Congratulations to the winner!  We will be emailing you to discuss what you would like!  Feel free to take a look at Squiggle Stitch FB page to pick out your applique and decide if you want a jumper or jon jon.  

Thank you to EVERYONE for participating!  Go to to and receive 15% off your order using code THANKS15 - Please note, this coupon code only applies to those who entered the contest!  It is for Squiggle Stitch items, only.  It cannot be used for boutique clothing, blankets, etc. 

Be sure to follow the blog for more giveaways!!

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