Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The River’s a Risin’

Well, things are rather eventful around our neck of the woods.  They're even more eventful in other's neck of the woods.  Let's just say I wish I didn't have to know (or worry about) what a sand boil is, and why it can be "not a big deal" or "a could-be bad situation."  Go ahead and google that one.

Flood 2011 074

*Inside the levee, taken 5/2/2011.  The water has risen significantly since these pictures were taken.  This house is most likely covered and totally under water by now.

Flood 2011 080

*Inside the levee.  Taken 5/2/2011.

Flood 2011 075

*Inside the levee.  Taken 5/2/2011.

The MS River is rising to record levels around here!  Judd and I live several miles from the river and the levees, but if a breech were to happen in a number of places, our house would surely be flooded.  Let me start out by saying, I have a bit of my Mamaw Jones in me.  God bless that woman, she is one of the strongest women I know!  She also worries...excessively.  That's where I come in.  I got that "worry" gene from her.  I see it coming out in me all the time.  I have worried myself crazy over this house flooding stuff.  All of my worrying makes up for how much Judd worries - zilch.  I totally agree with what you're thinking right now.  Worrying doesn't do any good so why do it?  Well, I don't know.  I just can't seem to quit coming up with every worst case scenario possible.  Here's how my brain is working right now:

"Oh no.  The levee is going to break.  We'll have a few short hours to throw our most precious belongings into the cars and try to get out before the mass traffic jam happens.  Then, anything that we aren't able to take with us will be stolen by some heartless person who makes money off of other's misfortunes.  Then, we'll have to live somewhere else while waiting on the water to recede.  When it finally does, we'll have to rip out drywall, floors, and replace the furniture.  I'll find snakes in the closet. An alligator will probably be living under my bed so when I walk by it will bite my leg off - or even worse - hurt one of my babies."

  See?  Do you see how far my brain just carried all of that?  It's ridiculous.  I totally agree.  But I can't make it stop.  I'm constantly making lists of things that I want to be sure to shove into a vehicle.  My Papaw's Bible, the engraved plaque Judd's Papaw made us, my "special" jewelry, my external hard drive that has all of my pictures and home videos on it...the list goes on and on.  Just tonight I was reading Caroline a book called "Wherever You Are" that Judd's mom gave him for Christmas last year.  It had the sweetest, most heartwarming, motherly note ever written on the inside.  She also told him to "read it to your children..." so that's what we're doing.  Anyway, I was reading it tonight and thinking, I'd have to grab this book.  It was such a sweet message on the inside and I'd hate to lose that.  I also want my hugemongous television.  Not really sure how that is gonna fit in the car but I'm gonna give it a whirl. 

The problem is, my brain goes straight for the worst case scenario.  Judd just assumes that nothing tragic and earth-shattering could ever happen to him so he doesn't even blink an eye.  We do not mesh in times like these.  To say that I worry enough for the both of us is a total understatement.

However, having said all of that - I will say that in the past 24 hours, I developed a strange sense of peace.  If my house floods - it is just that.  A house.  It's material possessions that can be easily replaced.  My family will be safe!  And that's what really matters.  I think I came to that conclusion because again, my brain went in worst-case-scenario mode and if I didn't make myself feel better about it, I was going to have a myocardial infarction right here in my living room floor.

So there ya go.  You've just gotten a peek inside my crazy, worry-wart brain.  So if you see me biting my nails, looking off into the distance with a worried face, or fretting about uncontrollably - just ignore me.  It's my genetics.  And I can't help it. 

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