Wednesday, June 6, 2012

29 Weeks

We are creeping towards the homestretch!  Something about this being my last week in the twenties brings me anxiety.  However, I have actually made a decent amount of progress in preparing, which makes me feel better.  

We got the bookshelf for Caroline & Amelia’s room and it finally feels put together.  I feel like for the first time since we moved into this house 2 years ago, I’m happy with it.  Amelia is still sleeping in Walker’s (soon to be) room, and I am just going to let her keep sleeping in there until she seems more ready for a big girl bed.  Walker will be in our room for a while anyway.  I did a separate post for her room!  (See below this one!)

How far along: 29 weeks!

How big is baby:  The size of an acorn squash….?  Such weird comparisons.  These come from my e-mail newsletter thingy.  

Weight gain/loss: +20lbs as of this morning.  

Stretch marks: Same as before.  

Maternity clothes:  Yes, and only the comfy ones.  Loungy type, baggy, pajama looking clothes.  That’s me.  It’s SO hot outside.

Sleep: Getting up to pee every night again.  But since I’m basically a zombie walking in there, it’s really not a big deal.  I can usually go right back to sleep.  I’m uncomfortable – I feel like a huge, heavy bowling ball is under my shirt but it is going to get worse before it gets better so I’m attempting to stay positive! Ha!

Food cravings or aversions: Cookie Cake.  Still craving cookie cake.  My meals are getting smaller though.  I can’t stuff myself like before.  It makes me feel sick.  Smaller, more frequent meals work better!

Gender: BOY!  I have my last ultrasound next week and I plan on having one more look, just to make sure.  Ha!

Movement:  Lots!  He’s in my ribs, officially.  They feel bruised!

Belly button: Flat.  Caroline was playing with Judd’s bellybutton the other day and Judd told her, “Look at mommy’s….she doesn’t have one!” and then laughed uncontrollably.  He’s so sweet.

What I'm loving:  The bedding should be coming in soonish…then I can paint!  I have a bajillion clothes to wash for him.  I got a few things at a consignment sale earlier this year and then a friend of Audra’s sold me a HUGE sack full of clothes for a ridiculously cheap price.  I was so thankful!  Mom also got him a couple of cute little outfits!  Sweet little baby laundry – if there’s any kind of laundry to have to do, little teeny itty bitty baby laundry is the best kind.  Smile  After that, I’ll just need to get the swing (I think I decided on the Fisher Price “My Little Snuggabunny” since it has the AC adapter and won’t suck batteries down like a drain. Anyone have it and love it or hate it?) and pack my hospital bag.

I’ve learned a lot with the other two about what I need to pack for the hospital….not much.  The first time, I totally overpacked.  It was like I was going on a week long vacation where there would be no civilization for 100 miles.  I took everything except my microwave.  The second time, I was throwing stuff in a bag while my Dr. stood at the foot of the bed telling us to hurry up because I wasn’t quite prepared and ended up forgetting half the stuff I actually needed.  This time, I’m going to pack around 33ish weeks (just in case he makes a surprise visit like his big sister) and pack lightly.  You really don’t need a lot while you’re there.  

Past that, I just have a few little things that won’t take too terribly long…then I just need a baby!

What I miss: Bending over.  I really miss bending over without feeling like I’m squishing something that doesn’t “give” much.    
What's different this time:  With Amelia, I honestly thought that since I was spoiled with having Caroline at 37w, I would end up going overdue with the next.  She came early, so now I sit here…all. the. time. wondering when this baby will come.  We have some people that swear I’ll go overdue with this one.  Then some people are positive I won’t make it to 37w.  It’s such a waiting game.  I hate not knowing!  I guess what’s different from last time is that instead of assuming I’d go late, now I’m constantly thinking I’m going to go early!    

Overall, I feel good – but a little anxious about time.  Regardless of what I have left to “do” I feel nervous just knowing we are about to have another small baby in the house and start those teeny newborn stages over again.  I know it will fly by, though and then he’ll be a big boy!  It seems like just yesterday I was bringing Caroline home from the hospital – and that was nearly 3 years ago!  Time flies!
29 weeks round 2
29.5w with AMELIA!
29w with WALKER!
I think I look pretty much the same now.  It seems to have evened out.

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