Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 18 Months, Amelia!

Well, you are officially 1 1/2 years old.  It honestly seems like yesterday we were having your birthday party – and somehow that was 6 months ago! 


You are so funny.  You love to plug your ears.  Of course, your favorite time to do it is when the congregation is singing in church.  You’ve actually made song leaders laugh while leading singing.  (And for the record, you’ve done it with me and your daddy holding you – so it’s not just my voice that does it to you…ha!)  Speaking of church, you seem to have a crush on our preacher.  This absolutely cracks me up, because your sister does too!  You go about it in a totally different way, though.  You tease.  You smile and wave and cut your eyes at him while he’s standing up there preaching or during the invitation song…but when it’s over and he tries to talk to you – you run as far as away as you can get!  You bury your head in my shoulder and wait until he’s gone to look up!  It is SO cute.  He loves it, too.  You two definitely have a “thing” for our preacher…I hope you always go after godly men!  Winking smile 


You are starting to talk a lot more.  You can say several words very clearly and then some that only Judd and I can decipher.  You can say Papaw, no, thank you, ah-oh, Deda, Daddy, Mama, Audra, Drew, Oma, you try really hard to say Granna and Caroline but they’re a little bit tougher, more, I need, pig, Duke, Sassy, all done, bye bye, hello (hewhoa), baby, and stomp.  I’m sure I’m missing some, but those are the ones you say most often!  You can also kinda sorta count to 6.  You need someone to start you off with 1, but you can usually go from there to 6 and then you start saying random numbers.  Winking smile

You LOVE:  Caroline, sunglasses, your leapfrog alphabet toy, your blankie, your bed, goldfish, juice, milk, Mama, Daddy, bathtime, playing in the water, books, the iPad, playing in the potty (this is a no-no!), someone singing to you, chicken nuggets, jell-o, giving a high five, Dora & Diego, jumping, Ms. Lois, and any game with Caroline! 


You hate:  Getting your hair washed, Mama Daddy or Ms. Lois leaving you, Caroline taking your toy, getting your teeth brushed, Duke & Sassy (they scare you!), bread (you don’t necessarily HATE bread, but you choose other things over bread – which blows my mind because I LOVE bread!), being told “no,” and not getting a snack after your nap. 

You are SO tender hearted.  You cry SO easily if we tell you “no-no” or even just change our tone of voice with you.  It’s an all over cry, too.  You cry huge alligator tears and need lots of hugs to get over it.  It makes it REALLY hard to ever discipline you!  (I think you’ve got a genius plan, there.) 


You have 3 molars now and 1 more trying to cut through.  Molars have been difficult for you – but hopefully after this next one we’ll have a break for a little while!

You are growing up WAY too fast!  Your personality changes all the time, but I think it’s safe to say that you’re shy.  When you’re around new people you don’t talk much and are really clingy.  The biggest mistake people make it trying to come on to you too quickly.  You will shut them down for the rest of their visit!  Ha!  You ease yourself into social situations.  Most people that know you, know this about you so they try to be easy with you – but they all want to love on you! 


We love you SO much!  You and Caroline have SO much fun together.  I’m ecstatic that you will always have each other!  You two really are best friends – even at this young age!  I know you’ll be a sweet big sister when the time comes – but know that my love for you will never divide – only grow bigger.  My heart has room for all of you!  You are such a joy.  I love you more than you’ll EVER know. 


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