Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Caroline & Amelia’s Room

So I am finally getting around to taking pictures of their room.  I really am happy with it!  I have a few teeny things that I’d like to change over time but nothing major at all.
The amazing staircase bunk bed!  We LOVE it.  It has awesome storage space and is extremely sturdy and space efficient!
I want a small lamp to go here because the one she had on her nightstand is just too big.  I’ve seen them at Hobby Lobby before – I just have to find time to go there!  I also want to order Amelia a bow holder since we already have too many bows and it’s her room too, now.  I’m thinking of having my friend Morgan paint me another canvas with Amelia’s name but I’m not sure where on the wall it will go!
The bookshelf!  Seriously, she looked like she had mounds and mounds of books until we put them on the shelves.  Now it looks like we deprive her.  Ha!  The Fan will eventually sit on the bookshelf and I’m hoping to get a second little lamp to go on there somewhere.  I need Judd to cut a small hole in the back to reach the outlet without cords going everywhere.  The bird canvases were also painted by my friend Morgan and they match Caroline’s bedding!
The top bunk!  I LOVE the bedding.  It’s Pottery Barn Darcie Quilt Bedding.  They discontinued it a long time ago and we’ve had the full size for Caroline’s room for a long time.  I’ve scoured eBay waiting on a twin size to be posted.  The day the woman posted this, I used the “Buy It Now” feature and scooped it up!  I was so happy to find it!
Caroline’s massive pile of stuffed animals.  She wants them all to sleep with her.  Ha! 
My sweet girl who said, “I need you to take my picture!  CHEESE!” Her eyes are almost closed, but you get the idea. Smile
Here’s where everything is from:
Bedding – Pottery Barn Kids Darcie.  It’s been discontinued!
Curtains – The Company Store Kids
Bookshelf – Target “Carson” 5 Shelf Bookshelf.  The white one can only be purchased in stores. 
Bow Holder – Etsy shop (I can’t remember what shop and our internet is SO SLOW today…I’ll try to come back and fill that in!)


  1. That bunk bed ROCKS! Oh to be three again! :)

    1. I know, right?! The night we finished putting it together, Judd said, "I call top bunk!" Ha!

  2. So, so cute! I love it! Those are two lucky little girls!

    1. Thank you! :) Wish you could see it in person!

  3. So cute! Love their bed! Will Caroline move to the top when sister moves in or will they share a be for a while. And is there room to the left of the smaller window where you could put both name canvases and maybe do a picture of the two of them over the dresser.