Thursday, May 31, 2012

28 Weeks! Third Trimester!

So, since the 3rd trimester technically starts at 27w3d, I called myself 3rd trimester last week – but this week is definite!  Yay!

Every single week makes me a little happier because I’ll be honest – I’ve been deathly worried this entire pregnancy that this baby would come way too early.  Every week brings me a little closer to his lungs being ready on their own!  They’re already making surfactant (what he needs to breathe!) so his lungs are getting closer and closer. 

How far along: 28 weeks! (+1 day today!)

How big is baby:  The size of an eggplant! 

Weight gain/loss: Whew.  +19lbs as of this morning.  Thank goodness that Cookie Cake Dessert didn’t kill me this week.  Because someone ate the entire pan…..

Stretch marks: Same as before.  Think I spotted a new one.  Gag.

Maternity clothes:  Most definitely.  My medium tops are too small, officially.  I spent all day yesterday pulling and tugging at it trying to make it cover the band on my pants.  Forget that – movin’ up!

Sleep: Not too shabby.  I keep reminding myself that even this uncomfortable sleep is 100x better than the sleep I’ll be getting when he gets here.  So in that perspective – my sleep is fantastic!  Ha!

Food cravings or aversions: Cookie Cake.  Lots and lots of cookie cake.  For meals, not dessert.

Gender: BOY!

Movement:  Lots of kicks and jabs.  Less rolls – I think he’s running out of room!  He hiccups ALL. THE. TIME.  I’m talking, 4-5x a day.  And they last for a long time each time!  I know he’s head down at least..ha!

Belly button: Flat. Stretched. 

What I'm loving:  That my next appt has an ultrasound!  I *LOVE* getting to see him!  It will most likely be my last one before he’s born!  That is so crazy!

Also, his bedding should be coming in a couple of weeks and I can actually get started on his room.  Things are finally coming together!

What I miss: My hips not hurting while I sleep.  Sad smile  They ache so badly.    

What's different this time:  I’ve had a lot of ‘pains’ that I’m never sure are something to worry about or not.  I apparently did a terrible job of knowing with Amelia which ones were something to worry about and which ones weren’t since I got checked with her at 34w and was dilated.  So I constantly wonder if I’m dilating early again with every cramp and pain.  I think I’m going to get checked sooner this time so I can know if I need to be taking it easy.  My goal is to keep this baby in my tummy through 37 weeks!  I want him to be full term! 


With my little helper…eating jello.  Winking smile


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