Wednesday, May 9, 2012

25 Weeks!

Yay!  We reached Viability Week!  If Walker were born this week, he would most likely, with a lot of medical intervention, survive.  I’m breathing a small sigh of relief.  However, let’s hope he keeps baking for at LEAST 12 more weeks! 
How far along: 25 weeks!
How big is baby:  The size of a cauliflower?  That’s an odd one. 
Weight gain/loss: +15lbs.  Definitely made up for the lack of gain last week.  Those trips home complete with steak, Target cookies, and lots of fast food really do me in.
Stretch marks: Same as before.
Maternity clothes: Without a doubt. 
Sleep: The only bad part is my pelvis.  It really hurts to roll over.  I hate this dumb pelvic pain. 
Food cravings or aversions: Craving cookies.  Craving Mexican.  Craving ice cream.  Just general things that are not great for you. 
Gender: BOY!
Movement:  Very much!  I can feel him moving up into my lungs, too. When I sit down, I have to lean back and take deep breaths because I feel like I’m not getting enough air! 
Belly button: Flat. Gross.
What I'm loving:  Reaching viability week!  Making progress (in my mind) on what I’m going to do with his nursery.  Passing my glucose tolerance test today.  Yay!  Just for the record, I prefer the orange flavor drink.  I’ve had both but couldn’t remember which one was worse.  Definitely the fruit punch.  Yuck.  (Also, note to self:  Next time, schedule your appointment for the afternoon…not the morning.)
What I miss: Not waddling.  I’m not even really waddling because I’m that big, but more because my pelvis hurts when I walk and for some reason, adding a little waddle doesn’t hurt as badly. 
What's different this time:  My WEIGHT GAIN!  I have been packin’ on the pounds the last several weeks.  If I keep this up I’ll gain a lot more weight than I really want to by the end. 
I can’t believe that this trimester is almost over.  In some ways I’m glad, but in other ways, I’m on edge.  I feel a lot of worry starting to creep up about having him too early due to Amelia’s early entrance into the world.  I know worrying won’t do any good, but it’s in my blood I guess.  I have braxton hicks contractions some, but not a ton…maybe even less than last time.  I usually don’t worry about them and just try to drink some (more) water and put my feet up for a few minutes.  It’s hard to sit without getting up though when 2 little girls constantly need something. 
I REALLY want to carry him to full term!  I would actually love to reach 40 weeks with him.  (Remind me that I said this when I complain nonstop because I’ve had to carry him for 40 weeks…ha!)  Regardless, we’re going to keep a close eye on everything and pray for the best! 
I’m sorry I don’t have a picture.  I could get up and take one right now, but both my kids just went to bed and I’m exhausted.  I’m already on the couch, feet propped up, cookie in hand – and I have no intention of getting up to take a picture.  Winking smile  Maybe I’ll post one tomorrow.  Have a fantastic night! 

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