Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Do List

This is my before Walker gets here to do list: 
(I realize that you are completely uninterested in this, but lists help me and I’ll never look at it again if I just make a word document or write down on paper.) 
  • Find paint for nursery
  • Get bookcase for girl’s room
  • Finish cleaning out nursery and closet
  • Wash Walker’s clothes and organize by size
  • Order crib bedding
  • Order swing from Amazon
  • Put double stroller together (*shoutout to my amazing parents!  Thank y’all so much!*)
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Make hospital bag list
  • Order fabric for Walker’s curtains
  • Pre-register at hospital & work out new insurance stuff
  • Shampoo carpets and living room rug – this is urgent. Ha!
  • Order Angelcare monitor – going for peace of mind this time.
  • Get pelvic girdle belt
  • Pray pelvic girdle belt helps
  • Clean all breastpump stuff
  • Make Walker’s curtains
  • Make girl’s “Big Sister” shirts (Have made 1!)
  • Make Walker some shirts/onesies/gowns
  • Get girls a (small) “present” from Walker
  • Find Walker’s coming home outfit
  • Plan Caroline’s birthday party (having it in late June/early July – we’re only doing a family party again this year.)
  • Have Caroline’s birthday party
  • Make Caroline’s 3 year video
I’ll be 27 weeks tomorrow!  That’s 8 weeks/60 days/1440 hours from when I had Amelia at 35 weeks.  I feel the need to be totally ready by that point (or before, if possible) because her crazy whirlwind birth has me paranoid for this one.
This has really snuck up on me because I just always feel like I have plenty of time to get all of this done.  Maybe I can actually get something done this week!

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  1. We have the Angel Care monitor. Hands down, the BEST purchase. :)