Friday, December 19, 2008

8 things

I stole this blog from Lori because it looked fun! :)

8 TV Shows I Watch
Law & Order: SVU
House M.D.
Gossip Girl
Grey's Anatomy (although I'm quickly losing interest with this new lesbian love stuff. It's annoying.)
Jon & Kate + 8
Dr. G - Medical Examiner
What Not To Wear

8 Favorite Restaurants
Longhorn Steakhouse
La Cabana (or El Charro)
Airport Grocery

8 Things that Happened Today
Saw Drew & Audra
Napped on the way home
Wrapped a TON of Christmas presents
Made sausage balls
Unloaded the car
Gave Judd his weekly shot
Saw my brother-in-law, Austin
Cleaned the house

8 Things I Look Forward To
Building a house
Getting finished with nursing school
Having babies
Seeing Papaw in Heaven
Getting Reese back from the trainer
Being a mom
Seeing my kids grow up

8 Things I Wish For
Christian children with Christian spouses
Healthy children
Happy, long marriage
Long lives for all of my family members!!
My pets to live as long as I do (or at least die of old age!)
A conservative nation
To be close to my family
To go to Heaven (one day when I'm very old and gray!)


  1. Your dog is still not w/ you?

    Also, I love your wish about pets living as long as we do! That would save me a lot of heartache.

    Judd has a weekly shot? Way to practice your nursing skills.

  2. No! The trainer asked if he could keep her another 2 weeks to make sure she understood everything well enough. We should get her right after Christmas!

    It would save me a TON of heartache if pets lived as long as we did. :)

    He takes an allergy shot every week! :)