Sunday, December 21, 2008

Prayers for the pup.

We got some terrible news today that Reese might be seriously ill. The trainer asked us to come get her because she needs to see a vet asap. We're leaving here at 5am tomorrow to pick her up and hopefully will get back and she'll see the vet. We're not sure of ANYTHING, but the vet she saw at the trainer's said it looked like lymphoma (a type of cancer) but he usually only sees it in dogs that are older. Hopefully, it will be something curable and not painful for Reese. We're hoping that because she's only a year old, that cancer won't be the cause. Say a prayer for our sweet puppy if you can!

Her first night in her new home after her 1st bath!

Wondering what the white fluffball running around was doing...

With her Daddy & Papaw.

Sleeping with Mommy because she wouldn't stop crying!
All tuckered out.
Her first swim, ever!
Yay! So proud!

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  1. Oh no. How scary; I'm sorry. I'll be praying.