Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Sickness.

If you want it, come to our house! It started with Aaron & Turner I think...then Cassie & Gibson, then Austin, now Judd...and coming soon...ME! I'm just waiting on my turn at this terrible stomach virus. Judd has been throwing up all night. With Cassie, Aaron, & Austin it was just a 12 hour thing and it was finished...although you are extremely worn out the next day.

I'm really hoping that Mrs. Candy, Mr. Larry and I don't catch this terrible virus, although I feel it is inevitable.

I have tons of pictures to share but my camera is in my car and it's pouring down rain so you're just going to have to wait!

We had WONDERFUL Christmases with our families! It couldn't have been better! (Well, the stomach virus could have been taken out of the picture...but...oh well.)

A family friend has offered to give us an already trained black lab named Susie that he was getting ready to sell. Although I feel like we're adding on to the family very quickly...Susie needs a home and we need a void filled. She's a sweet dog and looks a lot like Reese! Reese was a small (about 50lb) lab, and so is Susie. Susie is also 50lb so she will fit in the duck vest we had for Reese. :( I'm still sad about Reese and it breaks my heart that she died so young, but we want to give Susie a good home where she'll get to hunt a lot! She apparently loves to hunt! Here is a picture of her from Daniel's (the family friend's son) facebook album.

Sorry if the dead bird grosses you out. It kinda hurts my heart! Haha!
Well, I'm listening to Judd toss his cookies over and over again and I think I'm going to go check on him for the 100th time. Oh PLEASE pray the rest of us don't get this! And I REALLY don't want Oakley to get it. He doesn't know to run to the toilet to puke!
EDIT: Right after I pushed the "PUBLISH POST" button, I started feeling a little I'm feeling super hot, my mouth is watering, and I'm a little achy. Oh no!

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