Saturday, December 20, 2008


So Audra has tagged me to play this little game where you go to the fourth folder of your pictures, then the fourth picture from that folder...and without editing or cheating, post it. :) So here is mine.

Story: No, this wreck was not my fault! As you can see, I was hit! I was living in Starkville at this time and was headed back to my apartment from Judd's house. We had been home to visit my family in my car and Oakley and I had just dropped Judd off so he could head to class. It was rainy and my road had a speed limit of 45 which was entirely too fast for that road...especially in rain! It had lots of twists and turns in it and you could never tell if someone was coming over the hill. Well, I was headed down the road and topped a hill and saw a truck that was going WAY too fast and was obviously out of control because he was swerving all over the road. When I saw him headed right towards me, I tried to run up on the grass to get away from him but he hit me anyway on my back driver's side. That just happened to be where Oakley was sitting and thank goodness he was in his carrier! When the truck hit me, it pushed the back passenger's side into a telephone pole and spun me around. The truck then sped ahead and ran into a tree. I was very out of it for a few seconds as the airbags had all hit me in the head, face, and arms. The car was so smoky from the airbags that I couldn't see much...but I could definitely hear Oakley whimpering! I tried to open my door but it was jammed so I crawled across the passengers side and swung the door opened. The guy who hit me came running to my car and the first words out of his mouth were, "I swear I wasn't speeding, ma'am!" Being a little mad that he didn't even bother to ask if I was okay, I yelled at him and told him to go call 911 and said, "And I'm fine by the way!" :) So while he was off calling 911, I called my mom (who was 2.5 hours away) and she didn't answer. Then I called Judd. He picked up and was almost to class and all I could think to say was, "My caaaaaaarrrrr!!!" in an extremely whiny voice. I managed to tell him where I was and he was headed my way. Some nice people from the apartments across the road came and helped me until the ambulance got there. My neck and back were killing me but in my fragile state of mind, I wasn't sure if our insurance would cover me going to the hospital and I knew riding in an ambulance was expensive! *I really was not in the right state of mind!* Judd got there and talked to my mom who told me not to worry about it and to go to the hospital! So the nice people from the apartment across the way took Oakley for me and I got in the ambulance and called Daddy. Poor Daddy...I think I scared him. I cried for the first time while talking to him.

Wow...that turned into a novel. All in all, I was fine. The car was totalled. The guy's insurance had to buy me a new car. Everyone was safe! Leah & Ian brought me a huge Sonic Diet Coke. Mom and Dad came to Starkville in record timing and stayed for a few days. :) The End.
Just for enjoyment, here's the other side where I hit the telephone pole!

I tag: Leah, Jennifer, Rachel!

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