Monday, December 22, 2008


We went to the vet today, and he does not think Reese has cancer. He says he believes it is just an abcess in her lymph nodes. He doesn't want to lance it right now because it is so close to her jugular vein and carotid artery that he said it's safer if we let it rupture and drain on its own so we know that it's going through her body safely. Our hope is to keep her infection localized (keep it just in that ONE spot on her face) and pray it doesn't rupture before we finish treating the infection with antibiotics, otherwise the infection could spread through her body by going through her lymphatic system. Anyway - bottom line - we think she's going to make a full recovery.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to see this dog. At first, I didn't think she even remembered us...but after about an hour, I realized she knew exactly who we were. She took every single step that Judd took in the yard today. She followed his every move. I think he was really happy to have her home, too.

You can definitely tell that she isn't feeling well, and the swelling on her face comes and goes with each shot she gets - but she's in pretty good spirits. She sleeps alot! The trainer said she'd lost a few pounds in the last week which was his first sign she may not be feeling well. He said that she was eating like normal, but still losing weight. Regardless, she's eating up a storm now that she's home. We're letting her stay in the house because it's so cold outside...although that doghouse Judd built is probably warmer than our house! We don't want to put any extra stress on her because it's making her hair fall out. :( Breaks my heart to see her feeling bad. We're keeping her in one room with the baby gate because Oakley obviously is not realizing that this female dog is his sister....if you catch my drift. Reese tolerates him on her leg until she sits down, then he gets a little too close! Ha! My poor Oakley - so mistreated.

Well I took some pictures of my poor sick girl. I'm a bad Mom, I know. It looks like she's holding a golfball in between her jaw and teeth. It is as hard as a rock!

On another note, all my Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree! Yay! It's so nice to finally put some gifts under my bare tree. It's looked empty for a long time! I sat down on Friday night and wrapped every single one. I even made bows for the adult's gifts. (No kid wants to have to get scissors to cut the bow to get into their's obnoxious! No offense if you put bows on your kids presents. :)) Look at our pretty tree all decorated for Christmas with presents and all!

As you look at these pictures, please sing the words of this song... "Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue. Wrap your presents to your darling from you. Pretty pencils, to write I love you. Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue." I know I sure sang it the entire time the pictures were uploading...Judd loved my version.
Well, it's off to pack & wash clothes for our trip home. I'm SO excited!! This is my absolute favorite time of the year!
Merry Christmas to everyone!


  1. That's excellent news!!! yay!! :)

  2. Poor baby. She looks miserable. :( On the other hand, your presents look great. Much better than mine.

  3. I'm glad to hear that good news. Poor thing; I hope she gets to feeling better!