Wednesday, April 1, 2009

16 weeks!!

16 weeks is already here. A month from now I'll be halfway finished! Can you believe that? Me either!

Baby isn't up to much new stuff this week but I'll hit the high points!

  • Baby can hear MY voice now! (Judd is jealous!)

  • Baby can yawn! How sweet!

  • Baby's heart pumps 25 quarts of blood per day!

  • Eyes are in their final spot instead of the side of his/her face.

  • S/he is 4.5 inches! Yay!

  • Baby's tastebuds are forming! Hope s/he's not as picky as Mommy!

Now for my embarassing 16 week picture...I think I may have popped!

And for all of you CHEATERS (AHEM, Audra & Andrew!) out there who voted WAY more than once on my is now closed.

30 votes for GIRL

19 votes for BOY


  1. I needed to vote again. Why close it so early?!

  2. Because there were cheaters skewing the votes!

  3. Confession: I voted twice. Not my fault my two different browsers didn't stop me!