Wednesday, April 22, 2009

19 Weeks!

Nineteen weeks already! That just seems so unreal. Next week will be my halfway mark (assuming I don't go past my due date ::crosses fingers::). It's weird to think that it's already halfway over! I'll be in my 3rd trimester in 8 weeks! That's insane! I can't say that I'm sad though, pregnancy isn't the most fun I've had in my life...but it's a means to an end. I can't wait to hold her. I daydream about the day we bring her home. (Deep down, I know I'll be exhausted and not really twirling around my living room - but hey, a girl can dream right?)

Time is just FLYING by it seems. I can't wait to have our 3d ultrasound so I can see her little face and her movements. Speaking of movements, I feel little ones every day now. I wish she would get some more muscle and give me a good thwack in the tummy...just once...then she can stop. Ha!

So here's what's going on with Caroline on week 19:

  • Caroline is about 6 inches long. That's a 6 inch sub from Subway! Awesome! (That sounds delicious...)

  • She weighs about 8 1/2 ounces. She'll weigh 15 times this amount when she's born! Crazy to think how much growing she'll do between now and then.

  • Her kidneys are full functioning.

  • She's now starting to build up her "brown fat" which will keep her nice and warm. (As if the Mississippi heat weren't enough to handle that..pfft.)

  • Her body is now coated in a milky substance called "vernix" which protects her skin from getting all pruny and wrinkled looking. Imagine staying the bathtub for 5 months...

  • Under the vernix is a layer of peach fuzz hair called "lanugo" which will mostly fall off by birth. We don't want her looking like Cousin It. The rest will linger around and fall off in the weeks after birth.

Technically, all of her parts are assembled and she just needs to grow into them. I'm not going to promise a picture. I'm going to be honest - we don't have anywhere convenient for me to talk the picture myself, and Judd and I won't get home from church/dinner until about 9pm. It's questionable whether or not we'll remember the picture...but I'll do my best.

Not the picture you were expecting, I know. But you can't tell me this isn't hilarious. If you know us, it's SO true to life. So there's your picture!

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