Monday, April 13, 2009

Caroline's Nursery!

The room mid-clean out session. We had already removed the queen size bed and taken several tubs out. But you get the idea!

After painting the walls tan. :)

Taping off the walls after making our chalk line all the way around the room!!

Judd taping off the bottom for the bottom stripe!

Our miraculously taped off room. It seriously took us about 5 hours to get the kinks worked out and the room taped off.

The first paint swipes! Yay!

Judd pouring the paint!

Green and pink stripes painted! The pink had to have 3 coats, the green had to have 2 coats!

The stripes!

Had to re-tape after the paint dried so we could paint the yellow stripes!

Tape is coming off!

I was getting SUPER excited right about this point...

Our beautiful stripes. This took us about 18 hours total...I LOVE the stripes!


Look how straight they are! :)

I can't wait to get the crib so I can put the bedding in it. The wall colors all match the bedding EXACTLY except for the tan...which I added to tone down the other colors since they're so bright. It turned out better than I expected and it's definitely something we're all proud of! I have to thank Uncle Austin for helping for many, many hours on taping and painting. We owe you BIG TIME! I'm so glad to have the room painted like I want it. I'm not sure if you noticed in my Easter picture, but my tummy is REALLY starting to expand and I wanted her room finished before I got so uncomfortable that I didn't want to do it.
As of right now, I can definitely feel some extra weight on my front half. It's getting hard not to notice and I got LOTS of "I think you finally popped!" comments yesterday at church, so I know it's not just me noticing! Last night, I finally felt her. I think I may have actually felt her before now, but I just didn't know what I was looking for. I think I was expecting a hard "kick" type feeling. If I'm flat on my back and really still, I can feel MOVEMENTS. Like, I feel her brush up against my stomach. It doesn't feel like kicks yet...but it's definitely something I've never felt before. I can't wait until I can feel her kick regardless of how I'm sitting! I also can't wait for JUDD to be able to feel her kick. I think he'll be really excited.
I know I totally didn't do a 17 week post and I apologize. Last week was possibly the busiest week I've had since I got pregnant! I definitely paid the price for all of it yesterday as I was SO TIRED that I couldn't hold my eyes open. I slept so much yesterday! When we got home from church, I slept from about 1-4, then from 4:30-5:40pm. Then last night I slept from 11pm-11am. I was TIRED. I think it was all that painting and standing on my feet for so long. But I feel totally rejuventated and I'm about to start cleaning some more! Hope you all have a wonderful week! :)

Edit: I can't get my paragraphs to separate correctly. Sorry it's all one big long paragraph! It's blogger's fault...not mine!


  1. Y'all did awesome on the painting! Great job!

    And I smiled when I read that you felt Caroline move! Yea!

    Lori @

  2. Aww! It's so cute Kacie!

  3. Ah! I love it and can't wait to see it in person!

  4. It looks so good! Bless Judd and Austin's hearts. They did an awesome job.