Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Embarrassing Story

I'm going to tell you this story at my own expense. I know you're going to laugh at me, but I have decided that it's worth laughing at...so I'll tell.

Today, as I was riding in the car, I sneezed. I tried to hold the sneeze in. Mistake. Apparently, along with my sneeze came some pee. Yes - I peed myself. This is a new level of embarrassment. If this happens in public a few more times, I'm going to be forced to wear diapers. Then Caroline and I will have something in common when she comes into this world. We'll both wear diapers.


  1. When I was pregnant, I got the stomach flu. One day, I was in the kitchen and had to throw up, so I squatted over the trash . . . and peed my pants. So, you're not the only one!

    -Lori @ http://www.thetowells.com

  2. kacie, you decided on caroline! i am so excited, i love that name! i cannot wait til sweet little caroline davis is here. awe, that sounds so surreal... anyways, i promise once all the nursing school madness is over i am coming to visit. we still have 3 tests left to take and 4 weeks of school left, this does not include finals. anyways, i greatly appreciate your posting on si's father. friday at 1 he will be speaking with the physician, and will know what will be happening as far as treatments. just remember to keep praying! love you and miss you tons! if you ever get time, please stop by the apartment. you are always welcomed