Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Caroline is grounded already!

Ugh...where is September? I want to see her little face so much! I still use the doppler about once a week because I just like to make sure she's okay in there. Today, she almost got her first scolding! Lately, I've been able to find her heartbeat in about 1 second. I just attributed it to my amazing doppler skill (or the fact that she's getting bigger, but let's not get technical.) Today, I had to search for over 2 minutes to find her heartbeat. Needless to say, I started a MINOR panic. I wasn't freaking out or anything, but I heard my own heart speed up and I felt a little clammy. Ha! I took the doppler off and scolded her and told her if this was a mean trick she was playing on Mommy then she was going to be grounded from the moment she comes into the world! I put the doppler back and searched for a few more seconds and I finally heard her. Turns out, when I place the doppler on my belly - I think she can feel it. I'll hear the heartbeat for a few seconds, then I hear a loud noise (what I assume to be her kicking or hitting the doppler) and then she's gone! Little miss priss doesn't want to be disturbed! I also noticed that if I let my legs hang off the bed, I can feel her movements much more clearly! I know I'm feeling her because I was following the movements with the doppler to keep her heartbeat on there! It was so fun. I smiled from ear to ear. :) So I just thought I'd go ahead and warn you...Caroline is grounded...already. She's as stubborn as her mother and Granna. Ridiculous.

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  1. ha!! you've got the stubborn part right! maybe as stubborn as her papaw and aunt audra too...that makes me think...i gotta have a name!

    drew's in the blinds--again! gotta run!