Thursday, February 2, 2012

Double Stoller Recs?

Okay folks.  I need some expertise.  I know most of you that read aren’t commenters.  But PLEASE.  If you, or your friend, or the stranger that passed you on the street have a double stroller that you kind of like, really like, or even hate – please let me know!  There are several different kinds and I totally don’t know what I want but with 3 kids 3 and under I’m without a doubt going to need one if I ever want to go anywhere besides Walmart again. 
There’s the side-by-side….
The name pretty much says it all.  The kids sit side by side.  Supposedly the positive of this kind is that the steering is easier since the weight is evenly disbursed. 
Then there’s the sit & stand…
Someone sits in the front, and the older (or less lazy) kid stands in the back unrestrained.  This usually works best for older kids that don’t really like to be confined.
Then there’s the one I’m leaning towards but I’m just not sure about…
The Chicco Cortina Together Stroller.  My infant carseat will snap into it in the front or back seat.
And when baby gets out of the infant seat they can both sit front and back – but the heaviest kid HAS to be in the back for the steering to be equal. 
I’m leaning towards the last one, but I’d love opinions.  If you have specific strollers that you recommend, please list them!!


  1. i have the last one. that exact one. and i love it. it folds up easily, steers great no matter where the kids sit and its very durable. we have really enjoyed it!

  2. I have this one:

    I love it! I figured Jackson would HATE sitting in the back, so I opted for the side by side. It feels super light (even with both kids in it) and I haven't had a single negative come up. It is a bit cheaper than most like it, so I figured it would be awful....but I was pleasantly surprised.

    I don't do a ton of small-store shopping these days, but that's the only drawback (that I can see) for the double side-by-sides. (they don't easily fit in tight spots) But for the zoo or other outdoor and wide is great.

    A friend of mine was selling one on fb not too long ago--if you decide to go that way and want to go the frugal route i'll give you her name.

  3. to add to my facebook reply...Kate sits in the front of our chicco double and it still steers wonderfully!

  4. I have a baby jogger city select I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS STROLLER. Its great for EVERYTHING I can't say enough great things about it.

    I also have a BoB Duallie. I use this mainly for the zoo and walks
    I was too lazy to move my city select to my husbands truck the other day and just tossed the BoB in when we went to the mall IT WAS HORRIBLE.
    Side by sides are NOT great for the mall at all. people saw us coming and were just all out of sorts.

    also another great one that I no longer have i sold it on craigslist is the Joovy Ergo Caboose not amazing for walks ( non of the joovys are IMO)

    I know you MIGHT be gasping at the price of a few of them. but figure you can resell it on craigslist and make back at least half your money.

  5. I have 10 month old twins and we have a Baby Jogger City Mini. Its a side by side (which I prefer) and we love it! My first choice was BOB Dualie, but it was super pricey.

    Good luck in your search!

  6. Baby Jogger City Mini!!

  7. We have the Baby Trend Sit n Stand. We love it! When I was trying to make this decision a year ago I was struggling between a side by side or the front/back. I just couldn't go with a side by side- I've seen so many moms struggle with those types of strollers.
    Anyway, the BT sit and stand was SO reasonable in price- and we decided that we would get the model that would allow the child in the back to sit secured (with an actual belt, sun visor and tray) as well as the option to stand. We actually just took the back seat off because Cam prefers to walk most places like the Zoo (but he will still hop on for a break). He has sat in front dozens of times while K is in back- no issues there. A carseat can snap in front or in back with the model we have. Its a little harder to push when he's in front, but I'm not scared of a little workout while pushing the stroller. GL!

  8. Never commented on here before, but have another suggestion for your stroller dilema...
    It's called the Valco Baby Quad with a joey seat. There are videos online on youtube and for more details, but definately check it out! Hope that helps....

  9. Hi Kacie!

    We had the Baby Trend Sit n Stand XL also. We loved it! I always felt like I was driving a bus around, but I think that is how most double strollers are. The price was great, the basket is decent and the options for seats are perfect!