Wednesday, May 13, 2009

22 Weeks!

Another week has passed. It's hard to imagine that in just a few short months my little girl will be here. Crazy! We're still working on the nursery - but it sure would be nice if Baby Time would call me about her crib! I ordered that crib when I was a little over 14 weeks. It's PAST time for it to be here! Ugh. Either way, when it gets here and we get her nursery finished I'll be sure to post pictures.

I go for my big anatomy scan u/s on Monday (5/18) and I'm so excited to see her again! I haven't seen her since my 16 week u/s when we found out she was a girl! Please pray that everything goes well and that it's a very uneventful u/s!

She is definitely moving a LOT now. I love it. Everyone keeps telling me that I'll grow to hate those kicks because they'll be in my ribs, etc...but for right now - I love them. Every once in a while she does a little dancing jig on my bladder which makes for a difficult time, but even then, I love those movements. They remind me that my little girl is safe and sound. I can't wait to see her and smell that new baby smell. I wonder if she'll be bald like me? I wonder if she'll have Judd's mouth or mine? In just 126 days, I'll find out. (Assuming she doesn't come late!! Please, oh please don't come late!)

22 Weeks

  • Caroline now weighs 1 pound! Ah!! We're out of the ounces stage! Yay!
  • She's 11 inches from head to foot. That's just 1 inch shorter than a standard ruler. She's getting big!
  • Has defined facial features. In a 3D/4D ultrasound, she would look very similar to how she'll look at birth - minus all the chubby cheeks and thighs.
  • Is putting on a lot more white and brown fat!
  • She begins making antibodies this week.
  • She is sucking her thumb a lot now (supposedly!)
  • Her senses are developing more now. She can now feel things with her fingertips. She'll start touching her face, the umbilical cord, and anything around her to feel the new sensation!
  • Her iris is formed (although her eyelids are still fused shut for 5 more weeks) but they have no color.
  • Her tastebuds have developed and she can taste my food through the amniotic fluid! How cool!

All in all, she's just getting bigger and stronger. Her organs are all beginning to do what they're supposed to do and she's growing strong!

Now - let me surprise you with my belly picture. Like I said before - my bloat is gone! You'll be surprised what a difference it has made. My belly has also changed shapes. It looks kinda like an egg shape. My uterus is now 2cm past my bellybutton. I hear people talk about "popping" overnight and I always thought that was crazy! But sure night I went to bed with a complete inny bellybutton. The next morning...half of my bellybutton was flat! The bottom half of my bellybutton is non-existent. Judd thought this was hilarious. So without further ado...

I told you it was smaller. But GOODNESS GRACIOUS is it tight! Judd poked the lower half of my belly and said, "'s so hard!" Ha! You definitely have to excuse the junk in the back. I've been cleaning a lot and we bought some of those bags that you suck the air out to make more space and they're stacked up ready to be stored! Also, please excuse the fact that I don't match. But truly, I don't care. Ha!


  1. I bet when she comes out, she'll be asking for a Sonic diet coke!

  2. I need to stop reading your weekly posts because it's making want to have another baby, by remembering all the cool emotions of feeling Abigail move inside. Okay, wait, I remember vomiting a lot . . . so, no more wanting another baby. Focus, Lori.

    Lori @

  3. Ha Lori! Feeling her move has honestly been the ONLY part I've enjoyed. Is that bad to say out loud?

  4. Lori, I think the same thing. I have to give myself a reality check. When I go back and read past blog posts, I suddenly remember it wasn't really a bed of roses!