Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate Gosselin

officially make me sick. If you don't know who I'm talking about, you must live under a rock! Just head on over to tlc.com and you'll find them. If you truly don't know who they are, then this post will be of no importance to you and you can probably just go ahead and quit reading.

I just wish that I could sit them both down and have a long talk. Maybe even tape Kate's mouth shut so she couldn't interrupt me. How can she possibly think that those 8 children would rather money and material posessions than two loving parents? When ONE person became unhappy with that reality show, the whole thing should have stopped. I know, that is probably much harder than it seems - but where are those priorities that they always talked about?!
I was watching an episode today. The one where they went to the pumpkin patch and then apple picking. "10 Little Pumpkins" was filmed in 2007. During one of the famous interview scenes, the two of them have this very conversation:
Jon: Kate provides for the kids in many different ways. Cooking and playing with them. When I think about everything that she's (Kate) doing at home, I know exactly what she's doing at home and there is NO WAY that I would want to be at home. I'm so...
Kate: All day every day.
Jon: All day every day. I am thankful for my job.
Now, two years later - Jon is at home all day long with the kids while Kate is out promoting their show and her books. She quit her job as a nurse to stay at home with the kids because that's what SHE wanted to do. Jon said in many different episodes how he liked his job because it gave him an opportunity to get out of the house. Now, Jon is unhappy. How did she not see this coming? Kate claims that she has given him many opportunities to be happy and "nothing" is going to make him happy. That is why she won't quit doing the show. Even though Jon said last season that he was tired of all of the fame and publicity and didn't want to return for another season. Kate quickly interrupted and said that they were "ready" for season 5 to start.
Putting the two of them aside - TLC should be ashamed of themselves. This show should be cancelled so this family can work on their problems. But nooo, it's a very profitable show and obviously that trumps 8 children having two parents instead of one.
They claim to be Christian people. They claim to always put their family first. That is a bunch of hogwash. Cheating? Being greedy? Selfishness? And the kicker - NOT COMMUNICATING with each other. In last night's premiere which I only watched because I wanted to see what they acted like (which was not good) the two of them said maybe 3 words to each other the whole time. Kate had just gotten back from her book tour where she was gone for 3/4 weeks in the month. She swooped in to plan the sextuplets 5th birthday party by herself because Jon needed some time alone. She repeatedly made the comment how upset she was that she was doing this by herself. How does she think he felt for the last 3 weeks? Once again, she tried to make herself look like Supermom and Jon look like a terrible father.
I know I'm harping on Kate more than Jon - but it's mostly because I feel that she's the one causing the problems by not submitting to what her husband needs. "Everything that I do, I do for my kids." What about your husband? The one you just renewed your vows with? Remember him?

Greedy, greedy, greedy. I can't hardly stand it anymore. They (including Jon!) disgust me. He shouldn't have been out partying instead of being home with his children. Drinking? Really? You have 8 kids at home! What on earth are you thinking?! You are a celebrity - like it or not. How did he really think Kate would not find out? This list could go on and on for both of them.

This is Jon & Kate in their "interview chair" in 2007.

This is Jon & Kate in their "interview chair" at the end of last season. (When Jon wanted to quit and Kate didn't.)
And here they are now. This was last night's episode. They interview separately. They did a SHORT segment where they interviewed together but neither said a word to the other. They spoke directly to the person asking the questions. Sad. Their body language says it all. Let's not even mention Kate was talking divorce statistics and how she thought they "were going to beat it...but now" she just doesn't know. Quit talking like that on the stupid show. Sit down and talk to each other! Go to counseling! Do something other than talk bad each other to magazines, talk shows, and your own show.
Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. Just had to get that off my chest.


  1. I agree 100% with everything you just said. I hate Kate with a passion!

  2. I hate to say that I hate her. But I disagree with her values and priorities...and basically her decisions!

  3. I basically agree with everything you said. I used to LOVE that show. The kids are so adorable and I liked that Jon and Kate seemed very real- even though people complained about it and they were quite mean to each other at times, I feel like they were just being themselves and dealing with the stresses of their life.
    I watched Monday (which unfortunately had the highest rating of any TLC show EVER, which I'm sure will just lead to more episodes and more seasons and more problems) and it was just depressing.
    I have a ton to say about them... I think I'll do a post about them also!