Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a good thing

that I ordered our crib early! When I was ordering it, my sole thought was "just in case" something happens and it takes longer than expected. Well, looks like my "just in case" attitude actually did me some good this time! I finally called BabyTime to ask them about my crib. I was put on hold so he could check the order. Several minutes later, the man comes back and says, "Mrs. Davis, can I call you right back?" Ah oh... "Sure. That'd be fine." I knew something was going to be wrong.

The phone rang about 20 minutes later. "Unfortunately, I don't have good news for you." Oh good gracious. Turns out, the crib was never completely ordered. My end went through, but theirs didn't. He ordered my chair, ottoman, and changing table..but the crib order never went all the way through. He said it was a good thing I called, because he realized a few other orders had done the same thing. He offered to loan me a crib while I waited 5 more weeks for mine to arrive but I told him that I had ordered my crib early in just case of a situation like this! I'll be 27 weeks or so when it comes in! Had I ordered my crib around 20 weeks - I would've been 35 weeks waiting on my crib to get here! Thank goodness!

He also offered me a $50 refund for my troubles or said if I'd rather use it to buy something in the store that was fine! I'm thinking I might put it towards a rug to go in her room! Anyway - no crib for about 5 more weeks. Sadness. I was excited to put her room together. Oh well, the bright side is that I won't be without a crib when I need one! :)

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