Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm so sad to write this...

We've been putting off telling people on the blog (really, telling people in general) because we had high hopes. Susie, our black lab, ran away about a month ago. We tried EVERYTHING to get her back. We called the radio station and had them announce a $300 reward, put ads in 3 newspapers, put out flyers, stopped and asked random people in neighborhoods, and looked for countless hours. Susie was GENEROUSLY given to us after Reese died. She was already trained, and Judd was so excited. My heart breaks for him because he really is having a hard time with dogs. We seem to have bad luck. We still have hope that whoever has Susie will decide to give her back. We're thinking she got out, someone started playing with her and realized, "Hey! This is a trained dog! I'm keeping it!" We pray that she's in a good home, wherever she is...but we continue to pray that she comes home and ask you to do the same! I know, I ask for you to pray for us a lot. But if you've ever had a pet, you know how we feel. We have had a handful of calls of people thinking they may have seen her or people who have the wrong dog, but we're confident that word is out there so hopefully we'll get her back soon.

This is a picture of Susie the week we got her. We took her riding through town with us. :)


  1. Awww, I'm sorry Kacie. :( My mom's dog ran away last May and we think the same - that someone got him and realized what a great dog he was. Or at least, that's what we hope.

  2. So sorry Kacie. How scary. I will pray that your dog will be returned to you safely.

    Lori @