Saturday, May 16, 2009

Would your husband do this?

This is the look I got when he realized I was photographing this wonderful experience.

Because mine did! He was so impressed with how clean the carpet shampooer was getting our rug, he volunteered to do the 2nd cleaning!! I gladly accepted! Isn't he wonderful?


  1. Well since I haven't really talked to you much since my last day of class, here it goes! I just caught myself on your blog and it made Me tear up! So sweet reading that, you should probably write a book one day! Fantastic writer! Now I know why you loved English unlike Me! Anyways I promise one day soon we are catching up cuz I miss you more than you can imagine I promise! I am so not avoiding you or have Better things to do than come visit my sweet Kacie, I have just been home in Baird trying to get things taken care of before I start working. Anyways love you and will talk to you soon! Hope you have an amazing time watching miss Caroline tomorrow! Call Me soon!

  2. He needs the exercise...(This is Mark).