Wednesday, May 20, 2009

23 Weeks!

AH! Time seems to be speeding by like a bullet! I'm totally fine with that, though! We've got so much going on right now. May has been a busy month for sure. In June I'll be helping with VBS here and I'll be moving up to my doctor's appointments being every 2 weeks instead of every 3 weeks. I honestly feel like that shouldn't be me yet! I feel like that's too close together for someone as far along as I am...but wait...I'm SUPER close to my 3rd trimester. That my friends, is insane. So Caroline isn't up to a whole lot this week...a lot of maturing going on...but I'll fill you in some stuff that I find fascinating!
23 Weeks
  • Baby can hear all sounds from outside the womb now.

  • She also has the ability (or misfortune) to be startled! I try to startle her so she'll kick. Ha! I'm a mean Mommy.
  • She's practicing breathing with the amniotic fluid. :)

  • Her skin is becoming less see-through due to capillaries forming which give her a pink color.

  • Her head is still kinda big compared to her body, but it's starting to look a little more proportionate now.

  • She's about 11.5 inches now and according to the books, she should weigh about 1lb. We're 2oz ahead of the game! Ha!

  • She has blood vessels developing in her lungs. (Any kind of improvement in her lungs is EXCELLENT news as it increases her chances for survival if she were to be born early.)

  • Her pancreas begins functioning this week!

That's about the most interesting stuff going on this week. I thought I'd share some things going on with ME this week...Ahem.

23 Weeks
  • I am feeling extremely crabby lately.
  • My hormones feel more out of control now than they have so far.

  • When I get really mad, my face turns red and gets super hot....STAND BACK!

  • By the way, I go from being fine to raging mad in about 1.3 seconds.

  • I'm back to feeling super tired.

  • I must be REALLY out of shape because simply walking to the fridge makes me out of breath.

  • I wake up everytime I roll over at night for 1 of 2 reasons. A.) My grunting wakes me up. B.) I have to move my 2nd pillow back under my stomach.

  • I feel like I'm carrying a small microwave in my stomach. It's seriously HEAVY.

  • My tears come easily nowadays.

  • All of this STILL seems totally worth it. :) I love her so much.

23 week belly (You love my 1990-something SLCC shirt)

The table we're painting pink for her nursery!

The pink table next to the ottoman...the chair is in our living room being enjoyed!

The knob I'm putting on the table!

The letters to her name that will hang on the wall when I eventually decorate them!

An awesome handmade hat with a huge daisy clip on! I LOVE IT!

Her already full closet. We need another rod on the bottom!
Sign from hobby lobby!


  1. 1. I won't get getting you a diaper bag since you already have 500.

    2. That is MY camp shirt. It was the first year ever that I went. I was 9. You did not attend. So I'm loving MY 1990-something camp shirt. :)

  2. I love all your cute stuff for Caroline.

    By the way, I got those same letters from Hobby Lobby. I decorated them like this (very easy):