Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh My Achin' Back!

I think all the weight out front is finally taking its toll on my back. Yes, all pregnant women complain about their backs - blah blah blah. TAKE PITY ON THEM. I never knew. I apologize to all women who have been pregnant because I honestly did not think your back hurt THIS badly. I owe you a HUGE apology.

I'm trying to decide if I have actually hurt my back somehow or if this is sciatica in a new form. When I was in my early 2nd trimester, I had sciatic pain that was sharp, shooting pain. It went as quickly as it came and definitely went away when I got off my feet. The pain I'm feeling right now is a dull, CONSTANT pain. It's not even an ache. It's a PAIN. I cried most of the day today because everything hurt. Sneezing, walking, turning over, everything! It all hurt. I was basically one big gigantic tear today. I think I'm out of tears. I am SO thankful that I did not have a job to go to today...I would not have made it! My back is still hurting now, but not NEARLY as bad as it was hurting earlier. I spent the day on a heating pad and taking Tylenol. :( I've been very hesitant about taking medications while pregnant and only took 1 Tylenol at a time. Today called for 2 extra strength. I probably would have taken a heavy narcotic if a doctor told me it was on a safe list.

ANYWAY, to anyone dealing with back pain (pregnant or not) I am SO sorry. My heart breaks for us.

I think it's safe to say that this is me right now. My hormones are sending me for a spin this month. Really, in the last week I've been able to tell a huge difference. I'm crying SO easily now. Little things are making me shed crocodile tears. Judd has been so sweet. Even when I'm crying, I know it's nothing that needs tears. But he keeps saying, "It's okay to cry. You can cry if you need to," which of course makes me bawl even harder because gosh darnit...that was sweet. I was really, really craving a Lenny's Deli cookie tonight. Judd offered to get me one on his way home from work and I got so excited because I had thought it about it all day. Ugh...closed for Memorial Day. I cried. Since I couldn't get out of bed, Judd was able to be very sneaky. My WONDERFUL husband told me he was cooking something for dinner, but a few minutes later came into the room with a giant cookie. He had stopped at the grocery store and gotten cookie dough and baked me a giant cookie. I cried. Ha! I enjoyed every delicious bite.

I am so blessed to have my sweet husband. I went to visit family this week and left on Thursday morning. I missed Judd so much while I was gone. I was so thrilled when he showed up on Saturday! It really made my weekend. I don't know why I missed him so much this time, but I really did. I was so happy to see him.

Well, I'm off to bed! Goodnight!


  1. So sorry about your back pain. Mine was awful too. I used to take a pillow to work to put behind my back. I used heat packs. Someone gave me a vibrating pillow. On the way IN to work, my back would be hurting. 13 hours later, I cried the entire way home. I know your pain. And I'm sorry! The first thing I noticed after I got feeling back after delivery was that my back pain was FINALLY gone!

  2. I never had back pain, but I had tail bone pain- from about 20 weeks, to this very day. My tail bone still hurts when I drive, or do anything involved with sitting on non-cushioned surfaces. I feel you!

  3. sciatic pain is just the shooting pain...the other is just plain back ache from the extra weight. i have it horribly and have since about 28 weeks (and i'm 38 now). try a heating pad - it helps a little. and mine is even worse when i lay in bed at night...the baby doesn't bother me while i am sleeping, it's that my back aches so bad i can't sleep.

  4. Wow...a lot of people can relate to back pain obviously!

    Leslie - that's awful that you still have problems! I pray that mine go away as soon as possible!