Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nursery updates!!!

Please notice the curtains that I won on ebay! Yay! (This was before we hung the letters above the crib.)

Other window with curtains! I love them!

Oh yeah, farmer's tan baby! Judd was getting ready to hang the letters above her crib here!

Judd's caption for this photo: "One day, I flexed my muscles so hard, it blew the arms and back out of my shirt." Yeah.....

Letters are hung! Yes, I know that the "L" is a different color for some strange reason. I'm trying to decide between A.) painting small polka dots on each letter, B.) putting ribbon on them to "hang" them, C.) just paint them white and rehang the way they are now - but the L won't look funny. Which do you think? A, B, or C?

Her pretty bedding with her crib skirt. Um, can we say DIFFICULT to iron a ruffled crib skirt?!

Her Daddy did such a good job hanging the letters straight! :)

I just love her room!
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  1. Why is that L a different color?! Option D) Bring the L back and exchange it for a truly white one!

  2. SO cute! I usually really like the ribbon with the letters... but I think with her long name it might look too busy. I love the stripes on the wall and think the letters look perfect now (minus the weird L color!) I just like how they fit perfectly within the stripe.
    Awesome nursery :)

  3. Thanks! I thought the ribbons would look too busy too! It would just be too much going on up there...that was my exact reason for not using ribbon!

    Thank you! As soon as the rug comes in, it'll be finished for the most part! :)