Friday, July 24, 2009

32 Weeks w/ a picture!

Well, 32 weeks has shall I say it...? Pain. Not just general uncomfortableness, but actual, real pain. In the groin and pelvis. BUT - there is light at the end of the tunnel! I'm getting so close! Time is starting to slow down a little bit, though. This week really didn't fly by like the rest. *sigh* And it begins.

I will say, I *think* she *might* be head down. The only thing I'm basing this on is where I feel hiccups. Not very medically based, huh? Ha! I'm pretty sure her feet are in my ribs on the right side and her head is on the left side of my groin. So, I guess she's kind of lopsided? I guess I'll have to wait for my doctor to tell me how she's laying. Since my reasoning isn't very medical...

32 Weeks
  • She is about 4lbs now! Yay!
  • She's about 17 inches!!!
  • She and I are both putting on a good bit of weight now..(fortunate for her - not so fortunate for me.)
  • She's blinking, breathing, grabbing things, making faces, etc.
  • Maturing her organs!
  • Has hiccups at least twice a day! I love it!
  • She now has toenails and fingernails.

That's all she's doing. Doesn't seem like much, huh? BUT - her organs maturing is very important.

I think the belly looks bigger than last week...

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  1. Sorry for your pain :( But you are right--you are nearing the end!! Finally!!